I Felt More Calm - Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation

I Felt More Calm

I Felt More Calm After Using the Meditation Cd’s.

Dear Rhonda,

From my earliest childhood the only way felt I could survive in my home was to hide my feelings,suppress my emotions, and deny myself to keep peace in the house. In time I grew into a total people pleaser and was miserable. My every waking moment was devoted to making sure those closest to me were happy at any cost. I had lost myself and had no real identity. I was in constant emotional pain. I had no self-respect and no respect of any other kind. By the time I was in my forties, I was completely exhausted with myself, my life, and wanted to be free of this tremendous burden, but by that time the stronghold was firmly set. My family life began to unravel, which aside from carnal walk with CHRIST, was the only thing holding me together. My constant negative thinking began to gravitate to a darker side. The negative thoughts were coming uncontrollably and I was stressed to the max. I noticed people who meditated seemed to be relaxed and confident. I wanted what they had but not at the expense of my faith in JESUS. I began looking on-line to see if a thing called Christian Meditation even existed. That is how I found Rhonda Jones’ website. After just using the meditation Cd’s once, I felt so calm and relaxed that I shared these wonderful Cd’s with my family and have seen a remarkable change in our home. I am truly grateful to GOD and Rhonda for helping to break through the enemy’s stronghold and setting my mind free. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with constant negative thoughts.

Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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