Christian meditation has Changed Our Life! - Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation

Christian meditation has Changed Our Life!

It (Christian meditation) Has Changed Our Life!

Hi Rhonda,  Although I was a Christian for 22 years, the intimacy was never there until I started meditating two years ago. I thought or was led to believe that meditation was only for the Eastern culture. Christian were not suppose to meditate because other spirits lurking in the spiritual realm would somehow attack me, or invade my life. One morning during an early devotion I found Psalms 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God,” naive of how many times the Bible mentions the word meditate. I researched the word meditate and found that all I had to do was to quiet my mind and control my thoughts. I thought it was easy, but found it to be one of the hardest discipline I had to accomplish. I shared this with my husband and our Bible group, and we all started seeking the Lord for guidance. Soon we found ourselves prostrated before His presence. We knew we were on to a true meaning of seeking Him alone, not through men. We continued to research on the Internet for Christian meditation, but not much found. One day, after a year we found this website and we order the CDs. This was confirmation to us, that we were not alone in being led the Holy Spirit. What a tremendous blessing these CDs have been to our group. This experience has given us a depth of God’s presence that we have never had in 22 years of being Christians. We are living in complete faith allowing Him to guide us, and have seen his provision in every area of our life. Our relationship with the creator has given us peace knowing that He is in control not men and that his love is for those who seek Him earnestly, unconditionally, and at all times. We practice this discipline every morning & and once a week corporately. We are truly living the lifestyle that Jesus had and gave to his disciples; he sought that Father alone. It has changed our life!

Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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