I had no pain

I Had No Pain Whatsoever Until the Baby Was Born! I just wanted to let you know how your CD’s have blessed my life. I have had 5 babies born through inductions which resulted in very hard, painful labors. I received epidurals with all 5! When I was pregnant with my 6th, I was determined that I would not have a medicated birth. I wanted to have a baby the way God designed for my body to work on its own. I read lots of books on it and searched for a meditation CD. I ended up purchasing a popular relaxation for pregnant mothers. I began listening to it at night and I would always fall asleep. My husband stayed awake to listen to the whole CD and said it was very new age and I probably need to find something else. I took his caution but was discouraged until I googled Christian meditation! I found you and ordered some CD’s. I have struggled with fear and anxiety over the years and have read the connection with childbirth pains and fear. Bingo…..I ordered the CD’s! I listened to them 2 times per day up until delivery day which I brought a CD player into the labor room and listened to you through the rest of my labor. Every time in my other labors when I got to transition I would get an epidural. I would be so fearful that I couldn’t take any more pain than this. This time I just focused on your voice and the Lord! God was so gracious, I had no pain whatsoever until our baby was being born. And at that point it was only a few seconds. Our baby was born without any medications and she was our biggest at 8 pounds even! (I was two weeks late) Thank you Rhonda for listening to the Lord and making these CD’s. Maybe you can make a pregnancy/delivery one for the future! Thank you.

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