Praise God!

Hi Rhonda…I wanted to introduce myself and connect with you. My name is Cindy. I live in Florida and I have purchased your course Help me God Change my Life and I’m on week 3. Before I got your book I started listening to your meditations on Youtube and I have to tell you that led to a transformation for me. I have been a Christian for over 20 years but still struggled with the pain and suffering caused by bad choices. I was plagued with destructive and oppressive thoughts of rejection and insecurity. I came to a point where I just knew the answer was not in yet another church service or Bible study (although the messages there are great) I knew there was something more I needed to discover. Biblical meditation was it! In a matter of 2 days crying out to the Lord and then meditating on His word with your guidance and studying scriptures I experienced a transformation like I never have. My circumstances have not changed but I have. I now have a new awareness and understanding of what it means to “take my thoughts captive”. Praise God! Thank you for sharing your story and putting it all out there! This transformation, while it is still young and will be a lifelong discipline, is the finishing touch I needed to finally write a book. My book is for women, moms, homeschool moms, stressed out moms, moms suffering, Although my target audience is women it is not necessarily gender specific. In it I will share my stories, point them to the Lord, and share how I experienced my own life transformation, and they too can enjoy peace and joy in the midst of pain and suffering. Hugs

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