Thanks for your Encouraging Words and Testimonies

Thank you for all you encouraging words and your testimonies.  It has truly been a blessing to me.  I’ve been up all night to nite listening to your Faith Affirmations and some other meditations and really began to click for me.  No matter how bad it appeared, I began to think bout scriptures like we fight not against flesh n blood but against principalities and powers in high places, I thought about Hosea in the bible that married Gomer and all he went through.

It seemed like he never uttered a word throughout his trials. I continued to think on examples, then I repeatedly listened to your Faith Affirmations, Secret Place Meditations and Marriage Affirmations and some of Affirmations really had great impact.  I started writing down all affirmations then told myself to meditate on ones effecting myself most.  Then I decided to use affirmations in like a contract with God concerning my marriage and my husband, using all affirmations to make marriage better.  I feel like I can do it and be more at peace. I hope u understand what I’m saying, ill do anything to get closer to God and my husband.  I’m praying that we can both be aligned with spirit if God.  I feel better right now.  God sent his annointing to me two nights ago to let me know that he was working on situation and sending his presence to assure me of what he was doing so I wouldn’t slip back into a negative behavior but hold firm to my faith and believe that God was working things out. Thank you!

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