I Did It!

After a search on the internet for Christian Meditation I was so blessed to find your meditations and they immediately started to change how easily it was to renew my mind and stay calmer during the day.  As I searched your website I decided to download the Detox Your Life ebook (Now Help Me God Change My Life) and committed to a 100 day plan to get it finished starting Nov 14th.  I just finished today with the last daily lesson and I have to admit.  I am a changed person.  So many good things have come from doing the lessons.  I have mainly de-cluttered my thinking and gained deeper techniques for renewing my mind and pondering scripture.  I so appreciate your faith and trust in the Lord and the constant reminder to rely on the Lord which is hard to find out there in the world of New Age when you just want to think like God thinks and gave the daily techniques that make it practical.  That is what the Detox Your Life book did for me.  It made renewing my mind a daily skill with more bones to it, and I loved the idea of the Mental Shower.  A shower for your brain.  What a lovely concept.  It has been life-changing for me and mainly because it encouraged a simple discipline of pondering on scripture and deep breathing and thinking about what I am thinking about All IN ONE.  Thank you Rhonda for being so brave and transparent and doing the hard work of getting the daily lessons all in one place.  I am rewarding myself with a weekend away with my husband as my goal was to finish by Feb 24th and I DID IT!! Yeah for the feeling of completing something and following through.  Thank  you again for a great resource.

Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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