They are a Blessing Indeed

“They are a Blessing Indeed” Dear Rhonda, My name is Dr. Deni Weber and I am a Christian psychologist. I ran across your website a while back and ordered the first 4 Cd Set you were offering at the time. I don’t remember exactly how long I have had them … I’d say well over a year – but I’m not sure. I use them routinely. I appreciate the work you had put into these messages as finding biblically based, Christian meditation Cd’s was difficult. I am a firm believer in meditation and found that yours are by far the best I have heard and used. I love to start my day with the morning meditation, and find the Cd’s employ many of the relaxation techniques you encounter in therapy. My favorite is the one about the Shunnamite woman. “All is well”. I have listened to that while my husband underwent cancer treatment, during numerous illnesses and have always felt blessed, relaxed, and able to “deal” with the current crisis. I have bought Cd’s for my parents, and often recommend them to hurting folks who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and in particular chronic pain. I get a positive response from everyone who has used them! They are a blessing indeed – as are the Christian Meditator emails and the website. Thanks, Rhonda!

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