I Feel Changes in my Body

Hi Rhonda Its a blessing and a will of God that I decide to take my membership on Faithful earth serious. This happened when I decided to explore this christian site of which I’ve a member for some time. I believe that was Gods plan because I lost hope in the areas of my life. Being a born again christian didn’t assist me. By download your e-book on Dwelling in His presence changed the way I looked on my relationship with God differently. I did my download on the 19th of November in the morning, I was glued to that book the whole day. And I read all 59 pages in one day line by line and referring to my bible. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. Since 2011 when I lost my job my life became a mess. I’ve spend most of my time since that day full of bitterness, anger and hatred. I just want to thank God for your ministry because its now 3 days and I feel changes in my body, mood and I have faith and look at each day differently. I’m now on my second day of my free meditation which is doing great things in my spiritual life. Meditation is a new experience as I believed it was ungodly. Thank you for your wonderful work. I agree that God allowed you to go through life experiences so you can be able to a blessing and life changer. May God give courage and wisdom to use you gift to help and touch many lives. Be blessed.

Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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