Introduction to Christian Meditation Video Course with Rhonda

Introduction to Christian Meditation

Course Information

Rhonda Jones has been teaching about the transformative power of Christian meditation for over a decade. According to Rhonda, creating an ongoing Christian meditation practice that will change your life takes more than listening to random meditations here and there. Although this is a great starting point to get acclimated to meditation or do reduce stress, it’s what we do regularly and methodically that creates real change that we can maintain. In reality, “our success is in our routine.”

It is Rhonda’s desire to equip you with a spiritual self care practice that you can use to build your faith, lift your spirit, renew your mind, purify your heart, renew your mind, and draw closer to God. “We wouldn’t go a few days without cleaning the outside of our bodies,” says Rhonda, “but few Christians have an ongoing practice to deal with the accumulation of dirt that fills and sticks to the mind and heart.” This dirt includes fear, limiting beliefs, toxic emotions, negativity, false mindsets, and more. Everyday we are bombarded with negativity, offenses, hurts, and deception, says Rhonda. As Charles Stanley said, “it’s just going to get on you.”  Addressing our inner hurts, pains, and limiting beliefs is a daily challenge that many just push under the rug or deny, instead of receiving their healing and the ability to really release them and let them go.  Jesus said, it’s not what goes in the body that defiles a man, but what comes out of his heart. It is up to us to fulfill 2 Corinthians 7:1 which encourages us to, “Purify our hearts of all that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reference for God.”

The Introduction to Christian Meditation Video Series will teach you how to meditate with purpose and for lasting change in 4-weekly video class lessons. This is the same class that Rhonda teaches live to groups of students in her home town. After this class you’ll have a great Christian meditation foundation, a variety of techniques to use, understand how to work through the challenges of meditation (fear, pain, and the past), and steps to developing an ongoing practice.  Each class is between 1-1.5 hours  in length, 5-hours total. During the class you will participate interactively with questions, writing prompts, handouts, practice, and guided meditation. Join Rhonda in the comfort of your home as you learn how to meditate with purpose.

Introduction to Christian Meditation Overview

Who Is This Class For?

If you are interested in learning how to meditate as a tool to renew your mind, maintain your peace, relieve stress and anxiety, grow spiritually, heal your life, and deepen your connection to God.  Total course includes almost 5-hours of NEW video instruction, plus live conference call, and 15-handouts. Learn from Rhonda in the comfort of your home in this interactive course that will teach you how to meditate with purpose. New course session starts monthly. Sign up today!

You’ll learn:

  • Why Meditate?
  • How to Meditate
  • Challenges in Meditation
  • Establishing an Ongoing Practice

Why Meditate?how to meditate as a Christian

  • Welcome
  • Getting Started
  • What Do You Need to Heal?
  • What the Bibles Says About the Mind & Meditation
  • A Look at the Scriptures Regarding Meditation
  • Quotes from Christian Meditation Practitioners
  • Prayer vs. Meditation
  • Christian Meditation vs. Eastern and other types of Meditation
  • Benefits: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual
  • Christian Meditation Myths
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation
  • Assignment for the week
  • Includes handouts
(Length: 1 hour and 20 minutes)

How to Meditate?

  1. Relaxation techniques
  2. Meditation Basics
  3. Anchors in meditation
  4. Effective Christian meditation techniques
    1. Scriptural or passage
    2. Sacred Word, Mantra/ Phrase
    3. Mindfulness/Breath
    4. Centering Prayer
  5. Modeling and practice
  6. Assignment for the week.
  7. * You’ll receive a great list of phrases to meditate on.
  8. Includes handouts
(Length: 1 hour and 6 minutes)

Overcoming Challenges in Meditation

  1. Challenges in Meditation
  2. Types of Distractionschallenges in meditation
    1. Outer
    2. Inner
    3. Sleep
    4. Emotions
    5. Physical Sensations
  3. Analyzing Emotional Distractions
    1. Fear, Memories, Hurts, & Pains
    2. Embracing Emotions
    3. Christian Vs. Traditional Meditation
  4. Meditation & Inner Healing
    1. What you can Feel, you can heal
    2. Breath as an Emotional Regulator
    3. Inviting God In
    4. Welcoming Prayer
    5. Simple strategy to Combat Negative Thoughts
    6. Living with Uncertainty
  5. Assignment for the week.
  6. Includes handouts
(Length: 1 hour and 8 minutes)

Week # 4 – Establishing an Ongoing Routine

  1. What is Spiritual Self Care?
  2. Appointment with GodChristian meditation routine
  3. Creating a Simple Routine
  4. Modeling & practice
  5. Guided Meditation
  6. Closing
  7. Includes handouts
  8. Includes LIVE Q and A during the 4th week.
(Length: 1 hour and 40 minutes- 1 hour videos/ 40 min live call.)

christian meditation handouts

Next Course Dates

 November 3- 24, 2019

Limited Enrollment Per Session

Each session is limited to 25 students in an effort to create community and support. During the 4th week of the series, attendees will be invited to participate in a Live Conference Call to answer questions and connect with fellow participants.

17-Video Lessons Course Format

This is a video course with meditation expert Rhonda Jones. Length of each weekly class is  1 hour to 1.5 hours and includes direct instruction, interactive questions, interactive handouts, instructional materials, and guided meditations. Total course length is 5 hours in 17- video lessons. You’ll be invited to join our private FB group to ask questions or provide feedback. 

Live Conference Call (Week 4) & FB Community

Have questions not addressed in the videos? Join me in week 4 for a LIVE 40-minute Q and A  Zoom Video or Conference Call! You’ll also be invited to join the community FB group.

How to Enroll?

This is a self-paced course that you are encouraged to complete over a 4-week period for maximum benefits. The course will begin as stated and each week you’ll gain access to videos and materials for that week. This schedule will encourage you to incorporate the weekly meditation assignments to gain experience and promote your own personal growth. You  can do at your leisure in your home or elsewhere.  Christian meditation is a spiritual discipline that is progressive in nature. The longer and more consistently you do it, the better the results. 

24/7 Access for a Full Year!

Once the course begins (see start dates), you’ll receive instant access to the course curriculum.  You will then receive access to the next week’s lessons every 7-days. When the next week’s videos and materials open, you’ll receive a reminder email from us to get started on the next section. Once you complete the course and all the weekly sections are open, you will have 24/7 access to the curriculum for a full year. 

Introductory Course Pricing Just: $49.95

 What a small investment to learn how to meditate with a Christian meditation expert and learn to meditate with confidence and purpose. Many people desire or start meditating only to give up after a short time. Ensure your confidence to meditate effectively with proven results. 

Course Closed or Full? Join the Waitlist. You’ll be notified first when enrollment begins again & possibly take advantage of great discounts.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with this course? Includes a 30-day full money back guarantee. Just send me an email stating why you want to cancel and we’ll refund you promptly.


Rhonda Jones is the creator of The Christian Meditator website and has produced over 25 Christ-Centered Meditation and Affirmations recordings. She is the author of the The Christian Meditation Journal, Help Me God Change My Life Program, and more.  Rhonda has taught Christian meditation since 2005 through her Cds, courses, workshops, articles, and retreats. Christian meditation helped her overcome years of depression, find inner healing, and draw closer to God.

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