Bedtime Blessings Biblical Meditation and Affirmations for Children CD


CD contains the two Christian recordings, Bedtime Blessings and Affirmations for Young Children.


This CD contains the two Christian meditations, Bedtime Blessings and Affirmations for Young Children. Each meditation begins with a progressive relaxation followed by Biblical narrative and relaxing music.

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BEDTIME BLESSINGS-A Biblical Bedtime Meditation for Children: It’s never too early to instill Godly principles in our children. Make bedtime a fun daily ritual with our Biblical Bedtime Meditation for Young Children. As your child drifts off to sleep, he or she hears about God’s love and protection, their great purpose in life, and forgiveness. The meditation also teaches them to relax the different parts of their body. This CD is also great for naptimes at Christian preschools and daycare centers. (17 minutes)

AFFIRMATIONS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN that you can also play while your child is sleep or doing any other activity during the day. The affirmations, based on scriptures and biblical principles teach children about Jesus, faith, confidence, hard-work, respect, kindness, and more.(22 minutes) Affirmations samples include positive statements like: “I am special to God.” “God created me and I am here for a purpose.” “I am kind to others because they are God’s children too.” Ages 0-12

Dear Rhonda,
The Christian meditations have been wonderful. They help me slow down enough to fully let God in, and I am able to stay more centered and focused throughout my days. I have been sharing them with a prayer group at my children’s school, and after a long period of stagnation, we have had 7 new visitors by word of mouth because they are enjoying this type of prayer so much. Even the children in the classroom like the meditations during rest time and have requested them instead of their usual classical music. I can say the work you have done has blessed my life, and blessed those whom with I share it. Thank you for being one of the pioneers in bringing this type of prayer to others through your outreach.

Peace be with you,

Liz Greenwell Associate Pastor Wellspring United Methodist Church


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