Power Affirmations Based on God’s Word CD


The POWER AFFIRMATIONS CD contains Christian affirmations for your WORKOUT or EXERCISE. Each recording includes an introduction, optional relaxation exercise, and two- sets of affirmations and scriptures read to uplifting music.



Listen to these upbeat and strategic power affirmations while you are walking, jogging, working out, or just to jump-start your day. This CD contains over 60 Biblical-based affirmations to enhance your work, self-esteem, health, and mind.

Affirmations are fast-paced and set to variety of fun and bouncy tunes from African drums to Latin rhythms. These affirmations actually make you want to work out. Not only will you give your body a great workout, your mind will be renewed as well.

Single MP3 Downloads of this CD are Available or Can Be Purchased Within our Discounted Bundles. See Related Products Below.

Do you teach an exercise class or looking for exercise music from a Christian perspective?
Use these power affirmations as a part of an effective mind, body, and spirit exercise program.
Mp3 Download is 22 minutes.
CD contains 3 tracks of affirmations.

” Most dramatically, it helps me fall asleep, by getting my mind off of all the things I worry about and helps me to rest in God! I have had trouble sleeping for several years now, even trying sleeping aids, which ultimately made it worse (with their side effects and the deceitful nature of pharmaceutical. Listening to the CD is just like taking a sleeping pill-only better! I know tons of people have trouble sleeping because they worry too much or don’t leave enough time in the day to address their issues with God. So when they lay down to sleep, all of that unaddressed stuff rushes in at them.- David Samuel


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