Christian EFT for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs should christians practice eft

Christian EFT for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

As Christian’s, some of us are confused as to whether the Emotional Freedom Technique is something we should practice or not. In this article, I explain my opinion about Christian EFT and if it’s an appropriate tool to use.  EFT is an acronym on for Emotional Freedom Technique. Occasionally, I am asked if EFT is […]

Christian Meditation: Teaching Children About God

As Christian adults we may have come to embrace the practice of Christian meditation into our daily lives but lets not forget the impact this practice can have on children of all ages. Christian meditation and learning to be still before God can teach children patience, how to experience God, how to quiet their minds, and […]

Try a Power Meditation

Try a Power Meditation Lately I have been practicing one of my meditation sessions a little differently.  Generally I try to meditate twice a day, one guided meditation (usually one of my Cds) and then a Centering Prayer meditation (a silent meditation using a sacred word to anchor my mind).  There are many benefits to […]

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