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The enemy, being who he is, continues to “flood” us with negative and debilitating thoughts to stifle our walk and steal our joy. When that happens, what do you do? What do you do when the enemy floods you with his fiery darts? If you succumb to his attacks, you may fall into fear, despair, hopelessness, anxiety, or even depression.
I believe God wants us to rise up a standard against the enemy as well. When Jesus was attacked by the devil, He raised up a standard by saying, “It is written” and then negated the attacks with God’s Word.
I created a list of scriptural affirmations and put them on index cards with a ring. I started reading these first thing in the morning and before bed. I am getting these scriptures in my spirit so that when the enemy attacks, I can use them to push back his lies.
I also know that often these fears have a somatic address (location) in our bodies, so I notice where I feel the sensation/pain in my body and breathe into it to release it. I am now noticing that these different scripture affirmations are popping into my head and I am using them against these attacks. We need to stop entertaining all fear-based thoughts and rise up a standard against them. God has given us His standard. They are his Word & His promises. We just need to use them!

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96- Christian and Spiritual Affirmations on a wide variety of topics from overcoming fear, receiving God’s guidance, success, and more.

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Through affirmations, you’ll train and reprogram your subconscious mind to turn to God’s Word instead of your negative or fear-based default mental patterns. 


You’ll gain more confidence in God’s Word to meet ALL of your needs and change your circumstances.

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Rhonda Jones

The Christian Meditator

Between 2000-2004, I suffered from chronic depression as a Christian. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon meditation integrated with the scriptures that I found healing.

Now fast forward to 2019, since then I have created a large variety of Christian meditations, affirmations, books, courses, retreats, and even a membership around this transformative practice. My online platforms and social media have been viewed by over millions of Christians and tens of thousands of believers have used my products world-wide! I frequently receive testimonials about how Biblical meditation changed their lives, just the way it changed mine.  It amazes me just how many believers are silently suffering. You think we’d have it all together but so many are hurting. 

My passion is to see Christians delivered from depression, anxiety, fear, and to develop a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with Christ. Want to learn more? Please download my FREE 96-Christian & Spiritual Affirmations Ebook, to get started!

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