The Best of Christian Meditation and Relaxation

The Best of Christian Meditation Bundle

Meditation Isn’t Just for Monks…
Christian Meditation is for Anyone Who Desires a Deeper Relationship with God…

“The Best of Christian Meditation & Relaxation”

best of guided meditation

I long, yes, I faint with longing to enter the courts of the Lord. With my whole being, body and soul, I will shout joyfully to the living God.”- Psalms 84:2

Dear Christian Friend,

Let me ask you something…

Does your heart and soul yearn for the Living God? Are you seeking a deeper relationship with God and want to know Him on a more intimate level?

Or maybe you suffer from negative thinking, anxiety, stress, or depression. Your joy is gone and your peace of mind is almost non-existence.

If you want a deeper relationship with God or want to restore your peace and joy, I’ve created the Best of Christian Meditation & Relaxation is just for  you!

These guided meditations begin with a progressive relaxation followed by uplifting scriptures, bible affirmations, and stories all set to soothing background music. These meditation recordings allow you to experience the benefits of meditation in a way that completely honors your Christian faith.

Don’t spend another day living a stressed out life, take action today!

This Bundle Includes:

  • Control Negative Thoughts (med)
  • Quieting a Restless Mind (med)
  • Morning Devotion (med)
  • Eliminating Stress & Toxic Emotions (med)
  • Abundantly Blessed (med)
  • The Secret Place (med)
  • In His Presence (med)
  • I Surrender (med)
  • When I Open My Eyes (med)
  • When I Close My Eyes to Sleep (med)

Purchased individually, these audios would cost $99.95, but get them for the discounted price of $69.95 when you order together.

Customer Testimonials:

Wow is all I can say. Your Christian Meditations are a God send. Your voice is so calming, so sweet, and so reassuring and the messages and how you present them is definitely a gift God has given you to help people like myself. The last three years of my life have been a struggle and I feel like God led me to your site. I wanted to find something Christ centered to help me with my anxieties and health issues stemming from grief and anxieties. Thank you for answering God’s call and doing his work. Every time I listen to your Christian Meditations I feel like you are my friend helping guide me into God’s presence. I wish I could afford all the Cds now but look forward to when I can. God will bless you in a special way for bringing his word and promises to others and I pray that for you. You are an amazing person.“-

In Christ, Molly M

I have bought Cd’s for my parents, and often recommend them to hurting folks who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and in particular chronic pain. I get a positive response from everyone who has used them! They are a blessing indeed – as are the Christian Meditator emails and the website. Thanks, Rhonda!

Dr. Deni Weber, Psy. D, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I listened to the CD (Controlling Negative Thoughts) and thought it was great. I can see how this would be very helpful to people who are struggling to believe that God truly loves them (which is everyone, even the Christian big-wigs I talk to) and people struggling with shame. As you can imagine, I receive a lot of email and I’ll be recommending the CDs as needed.

Jan Johnson, Author of When the Soul Listens, Enjoying God’s Presence, Living a Purpose Full Live, and many more.

The Christian meditations have been wonderful. They help me slow down enough to fully let God in, and I am able to stay more centered and focused throughout my days. I have been sharing them with a prayer group at my children’s school, and after a long period of stagnation, we have had 7 new visitors by word of mouth because they are enjoying this type of prayer so much. Even the children in the classroom like the meditations during rest time and have requested them instead of their usual classical music. I can say the work you have done has blessed my life, and blessed those whom with I share it. Thank you for being one of the pioneers in bringing this type of prayer to others through your outreach.

Peace be with you, Liz Greenwell

I’m listening to it right now, WOW! the approach with the tone of her voice is automatically relaxing and I love the sound of the background. Just heard a Bible verse, yes without a doubt I like it very much –
Thank you,


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Warmest Regards,
Rhonda Jones

Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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