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Yes, each group is live via the platform Zoom. You will be able to participate and see other members. This allows for sharing and discussion.

Yes, they are recorded and available in the Just Meditate Membership archives only.

No experience is necessary. In fact, this is a great way for beginners to get started. Just come with an open heart. 

christian meditation group

Yes, we will follow a monthly format for each group. Below is a tentative agenda of what you can expect.  Groups are usually around a specific theme. Each group is 60 minutes long.

  1. Opening prayer and scriptures.
  2. Movement and breathing exercises to promote relaxation.
  3. 15-20-minute guided meditation.
  4. Checking in with each other regarding our practice or meditation.
  5. Devotional, reading or study on topic of meditation or mental/emotional health. 
  6. Sometimes I will include an emotional cleansing or healing exercise, if needed.
  7. Sharing or discussion.
  8. Closing prayer.

If you are a Just Meditate Member, you can access the archives to watch the group meeting. 

Yes, anyone in your household can participate. 

To participate you will need a mobile phone or any computer device with a camera or webcam that will access the platform Zoom.

The group will be facilitated by Rhonda Jones who has been teaching Christian meditation for over 15 years. 

Once per month on the 3rd Saturdays from 9-10 a.m. PST.

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