Abundance & Giving Christian Affirmations CD


This CD Contains Affirmations on ABUNDANCE and GIVING. Play affirmations while driving, working, cleaning, and relaxing.


This CD contains Christian affirmations on ABUNDANCE and GIVING. Each recording includes an introduction, optional relaxation exercise, and two sets of affirmations and scriptures read to uplifting music. Play affirmations while driving, working, cleaning, and relaxing.

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Do you focus on debt, lack, and what you don’t have? If so, you’re probably creating more of it. Fill your mind with scriptures and affirmations on abundance, wealth, and God’s provision. Sample scriptures and affirmations include:

* God is my source and constant supply. * I cast down my net of faith and receive God’s overflowing abundance. * God has blessed all the works of my hands.

Do you need to change your beliefs about giving? Do you hold back in the area of giving for fear of not having enough? The Bibles say that a generous soul will be made fat. These scriptures and affirmations on giving will encourage you to become a generous giver and better steward of your money. Sample scriptures and affirmations include:

* I give and it is given to me good measure, pressed down, and shaken together. * I reap generously because I sow generously * My good planning and hard work lead to prosperity.

Giving Affirmations (No Sample at This Time)

“I thank God that I came across your website for Christian meditation and affirmations. I have used your meditation and affirmations for about a month and have seen a dramatic difference in my thought patterns and levels of stress. Before I came across your meditations and affirmations I found myself unable to change those self-defeating thoughts and attitudes that kept me stressed out. I have enjoyed the affirmations so much that I keep one in each of my cars. Thank you so much!”- Roshaun Gendrett


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