Building Confidence Affirmations Download - Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation

Building Confidence Affirmations Download


Building Confidence Affirmations Download

Timid, shy, lack self-confidence or afraid to take risks? You were created in the image of God and nothing is impossible to him who believes. Let God’s word and these faith based affirmations build your confidence to accomplish great things in God. Sample scriptures and affirmations include:Each affirmation download includes an optional progressive relaxation and biblically-based affirmations set to uplighting background music. Listen to affirmations while you work, play, or sleep.
Sample scriptures and affirmations include:
The Holy Spirit empowers me with supernatural strength, wisdom, and courage.
The Holy Spirit tell me what to say at the right time.
God works in me and helps me with everything I do.

Listen to Sample:

Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation