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Are You Ready to Enter Into God's Rest?

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”- Matthew 11:28-30

Are you a Christian who has struggled with depression, worry, anxiety, negativity, or fear and have had well-meaning Christians just tell you to PRAY more! How did that make you feel? If only it were that simple! Don’t they know that you’ve probably already PRAYED until you’re blue in the face! 

If you suffer from any of these debilitating emotions and feel powerless over your situation, keep reading!

Many years ago I also struggled with 4-years of chronic depression. There were days when I would go into the bathroom stalls at work and just cry. I felt numb inside.  There was always a heavy dark cloud hovering over me. No matter where I went, it felt like I was pulling a ball and chain behind me. I couldn’t find joy in even the most exciting activities. 



I had been a Christian for at least 15 years at this time. I began to feel like God had forsaken me. I was supposed to have the joy of the Lord, wasn’t I?  Well I didn’t.

I hadn’t always been depressed. For the majority of my life, I was an extremely happy person until one traumatic event changed my life and caused me to spiral down into despair and I had idea how to get out!

Even years after the incident, my mind was still stuck in a loop of negativity. If you could hear my thoughts at the time, you wouldn’t believe the horrible things I constantly repeated.

Just like me, you’ve probably tried everything that I did to restore your peace of mind to no lasting avail. 


  • Prayed that God would take the pain away?
  • Praised and worshipped God desiring to feel His peace and presence?
  • Went to counseling sessions, Christian or otherwise?
  • Got a prescription for antidepressants?
  • Read numerous books on the topic?
  • Listened to youtube videos on how to overcome depression?

        I did and none of them gave me lasting peace or joy.



It wasn’t until after 4-years of suffering that I stumbled upon something that healed my depression and transformed my life. Since then, I’ve been helping other believers take back their mental, emotional, and spiritual health for over 15 years now.

If anything I have said resonates with you, I have one BIG QUESTION? It’s the same question that Jesus asked before he healed anyone?  “Do you want to be  made whole?” Are you tired of living in this DARK place and ready to see the light?

If so, is it time for YOU to take responsibility for your own healing. Up until this point,  you’ve relied on others or various techniques that haven’t worked for you.

Waiting it out is not an option either. They say time heals all wounds, but in reality, time just hides the pain until something triggers it again. Healing must be both deliberate and action-oriented. 

What if I told that I can provide you with the tools that can help you can heal yourself from worry, past hurts, a negative mindset, depression, and fear, and never have to struggle with “prolonged” toxic emotions again? These are the very same tools that I use on a regular basis that help me to renew my mind and purify my heart and let go of anything that can contaminate my body and spirit.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be happy every day of your life, but you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to conquer to restore your peace of mind in hours and days, instead of years!


My name is Rhonda Jones, aka, The Christian Meditator, and besides struggling and conquering depression, worry, and other toxic emotions myself, over the past 15 years, I have helped 100,000s of Christians restore their peace of mind, draw closer to God, and live with more joy and contentment. 

I am also the author of The Christian Meditator Journal and Detox Your Life and Awaken Your Inner Spirit, Practicing Peace as well as an international retreat facilitator.


the christian meditator


Here are some “real” testimonials from Christians who have worked with me or taken my previous courses or programs:


❤️ “First let me say how much this program is changing my life. I love it!  I have been talking about it at our church and we are getting ready to start the 10 weeks together.”

❤️ “It has taught me to handle my fears and anxiety through surrendering to God through all three avenues: spiritual, emotional, physical. I am learning and growing, and this program has helped me do that!”

❤️ “I am now more aware of my beliefs and negative thoughts and recognize that I can get rid of them.  In addition, the meditation practices were great, and I still find that quiet time useful.  I am definitely a different person and feel able to achieve all things.”

❤️ “Rhonda, thank you for producing this wonderful work. I’m enjoying going through each lesson. I would like to share this with my daughter who really needs a personal relationship with God.”

❤️ “I LOVE your program. Honestly, I am really impressed with the ministry GOD has given you and it is a blessing to so many.”

❤️ “I am breaking through my blocks to relationship and joyful obedience to our God. I am realizing how good God is and I see my relationship and obligations as a positive and desirable thing rather than something I have to do or else.”

❤️ “I’m on day 10 now and LOVE IT. I feel like I have a tool to correct the ungodly negativity and implement God’s word and love into my life. It’s helped me become aware of His presence in and around me at all times, such a peaceful yet powerful resource to have.”

❤️ “Rhonda, I feel honored to be one of the first to have read this program. Many years ago I visited a counselor and she made the observation that I was like a contractor without any tools in my toolbox. I wanted to tackle the job at hand, but I was completely unprepared! I wish I had had your program back then! You are providing much-needed tools to the Christian Community. As a person in recovery from a rare autoimmune disease, I can attest that the steps in your book help to open the individual to fully experiencing God’s healing touch. I believe that many people will grow in their faith and walk-in wellness due to your efforts.”

❤️ “After a search on the internet for Christian Meditation I was so blessed to find your meditations and they immediately started to change how easily it was to renew my mind and stay calmer during the day. As I searched your website, I decided to download your Ebook and committed to a 100-day plan to get it finished starting Nov 14th. I just finished today with the last daily lesson and I have to admit. I am a changed person. So many good things have come from doing the lessons. I have mainly de-cluttered my thinking and gained deeper techniques for renewing my mind and pondering scripture. Thank you, Rhonda, for being so brave and transparent and doing the hard work of getting the daily lessons all in one place. I am rewarding myself with a weekend away with my husband as my goal was to finish by Feb 24th and I DID IT!! Yeah for the feeling of completing something and following through. Thank you again for a great resource.”

❤️ “Amen and amen!  I am currently working through your program and I am so blessed and challenged. Thank you for a brilliant book! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!! God bless you abundantly!”

❤️ “I cannot tell you how much this all is helping me overcome anxiety and fear, I am just about off all medication. Thank you for paying attention to God and allowing Him to use you to help others who are struggling. Praise God!” 

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You may believe your struggle with uncomfortable emotions has to do with your circumstances. You may be blaming your mate, a job you hate, health problems, a family situation or anything else outside of yourself for your unhappiness…yet the REAL REASON you are struggling has more to do with YOU than others or your circumstances.

The real culprits stealing your joy are your negative and fear-based thoughts, limiting beliefs, unresolved hurts, and unmanaged emotions! 

Does that surprise you? 

What is so great about this knowledge is that you don’t necessarily need to change your circumstances to change your life and restore your peace of mind! 

You just need to change YOU by learning how to “purify your mind and heart.” 2 Corinthians declares, “Let us purify our hearts from all that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.”

Maybe you realize this already, but like me, you have no idea what steps to take! But let me ask you some important questions:

  • What would your life look like if you could wake up most days with peace, joy, and enthusiasm?
  • How would it change your life if heaviness, worry, and fear didn’t take you down and out, because you knew exactly what to do to heal and stay mentally and emotionally healthy and whole?
  • What if you told you that in the next 12-weeks that you can literally be a new creation who embraces life instead of despises each and every morning? Would that interest you?

Right Now, I want to introduce you to the 8-Step Inner Healing Blueprint of my New Course and Coaching Program: Total Mess to Total Rest: A Biblical & Spiritual Approach to Inner Healing!


What Can I Expect from the


As a Total Rest Member, I’ll teach you through weekly video presentations, lessons & assignments, guided Christian meditations, a live monthly Christian meditation group, and in an interactive & supportive community how to:

  • Use Christian meditation to bring an inner awareness of your thoughts, emotions, motivations, and fears to heal, calm, renew, and restore your peace of mind.
  • Create a daily spiritual practice that will help you to combat the fiery darts of the world, die daily (reset), draw nearer to Christ, and consistently purify your hearts and minds.
  • Understand your emotions and what they are “really” telling you.
  • Understand that in order to heal the outside (sickness, relationships, surroundings), you must first heal the inside (painful memories, past hurts, & limiting beliefs). Healing “IS” an inside job.
  • Use Biblically-based spiritual tools and disciplines to help you to manage emotions, heal/release/learn from your past, and then release and let them go.
  • Use additional tools and strategies to increase your emotional & energetic frequencies so you consistently live in the vibrations of God’s Kingdom.
  • Rewrite your internal and external scripts and stories and create positive reinforcements when resistance (self-sabotage) hits.
  • Live in the present moment, the only place where peace, love, and joy exist in “real-time.”
  • Find peace, joy, and contentment, right where you are now without changing your circumstances or seeking it externally.
  • Decrease and allow God to increase in your life so that God can live in you and through you, doing the work, eliminating striving, and receiving divine inspiration and guidance from above.
  • Work out on your own soul salvation and embracing your own spiritual journey instead of focusing on or blaming others. Others are our teachers and only reveal our struggles and internal issues. 
  • Understand and then take responsibility for your wholeness and growth, Jesus said, do you “want” to be made whole? Learn how to become your own healer!
  • See that life on earth is a testing ground for living in love and faith-the only things that really matter!
  • Understand fear and resistance and how it can sabotage your life, dreams, and happiness, and how to eliminate/overcome it.
  • Understand stages of spiritual growth and development, what they are, and how to successfully deal with them when they come. 
  • Become a co-creator with Christ to manifest your dreams, visions, and callings in your life.

How's It Work?

Now that I’ve shown you the Total Mess to Total Rest Blueprint to restoring your peace of mind and finding inner healing, let me share a little bit more about the program.

At you own pace, you’ll go through each module of this program where I provide you with short video lessons, instruction, guided Christian meditations and a step-by-step action plans to start you on the healing process and see transformation in your life. I’ll tell you exactly what to do. No more grappling in the dark or trying to find the answers. 

Just follow the program and let it transform your mind and your life, one day at a time.



Includes 12 Self-Paced Modules. Each module contains 3-5 short video lessons (10-20 minutes) followed by hands-on work and assignments. Each module includes guided Christian meditation(s), related assignments, handouts, written prayers and declarations, and weekly biblical affirmations. You can complete program at your own pace.




Getting Started- Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • In this first lesson, we initiate your transformative journey from turmoil to tranquility. I’ll provide an overview of the course and introduce a variety of principles to help you navigate successfully through this program.
  • Discover the empowering truth that you hold the key to your own healing and the importance of taking responsibility for your life and transformation.
  • Learn the significance of eliminating distractions, creating sacred space, practicing self-love, and establishing a healing routine to support your transformation.
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and praye




Taking Inventory: Creating Your New Identify Roadmap

  • In module two, we dive into self-reflection and the exploration of what’s not working in your life. This inventory is crucial for recognizing areas that require transformation and understanding the obstacles blocking your path to inner healing and wholeness.
  • You’ll work on forging a new identity in Christ and work through the process of translating your new identity into tangible goals and a practical blueprint and roadmap for transformation.  
  • Includes Becoming a New Creation Guided Meditation MP3, daily prayer, and affirmations. 




Meditate Don't Medicate

  • In module three, we’ll embark on the journey of Christian meditation. We’ll guide you through the essentials of starting your meditation practice from a Christian perspective, laying a solid foundation for the transformative experiences that await
  • Unlock the incredible power of stillness as we delve into the importance of quieting your mind. 
  • You’ll learn essential meditation basics, including breath control, posture, and  foundational skills that will enhance your practice.
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3 and prayer.




Gaining Awareness - It's All In Your Mind

  • In module four, we delve into the profound impact of your thoughts on your reality and how your thought patterns can either limit or expand your potential for inner healing and success.
  • Uncover hidden drivers behind your actions and decisions as you learn to recognize unconscious programming and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. 
  • Meet the characters on your very own mind committee and learn to overcome negative self-talk. Discover strategies to silence critical voices and foster a nurturing inner dialogue as well as rewiring your thoughts and brain for a more positive and resilient mindset. 
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and prayer.




Managing Your Emotions

  • In module five, we explore the vital role emotions play in the healing process. I’ll discuss how embracing and understanding our emotions is a crucial step toward healing, emphasizing that what we can feel, we can heal. 
  • Discover your emotional inclinations and how they impact your healing journey. I’ll guide you in recognizing your emotional tendencies, helping you gain insight into your unique emotional makeup. 
  • Delve into the power of keeping your heart open and the transformative potential of forgiveness. Learn how to respond to daily inner hurt and pain with a heart that remains open to healing. We’ll explore forgiveness as a key practice for letting go of emotional burdens, offering guidance on how to release pain while retaining the valuable lessons learned.
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and prayer.




Healing is an Inside Job

  • In module six, I explore the concept of working out our own soul salvation. We’ll delve into God’s divine invitation to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, understanding that God calls us to actively participate in our own growth. 
  • I’ll guide you through the stages of spiritual development and the transformative experience known as the dark night of the soul. We’ll provide insights into these profound phases, helping you navigate the challenges and revelations that accompany spiritual growth.
  • We explore the practice of letting go and allowing, which involves diminishing the influence of the flesh and ego. We’ll delve into the true source of suffering and unhappiness, offering guidance on how to release the burdens that hinder your spiritual progress. 
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and prayer.




Is it Physical?

  • In module seven, we will delve into the physical factors that contribute to mental and emotional unrest. We’ll explore the intricate connection between our physical health and well-being, shedding light on how various factors can impact our mental state. Understanding this link is fundamental to embarking on a holistic healing journey.
  • With a focus on the symptoms of anxiety and depression, we will explore insights into the emotional and physical manifestations of these conditions, enabling you to better navigate your mental health journey.
  • Discover holistic approaches to well-being, including the profound influence of diet, food, medication, illness, environmental toxins, hormones, exercise, movement, and alternative treatments on our mental health. I’ll guide you through creating a health inventory and making positive changes and habits that support your inner healing and emotional balance. 
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and prayer.




We Wrestle Not Against Flesh & Blood

  • In week eight, we delve into the understanding that the enemy prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking those he may devour. We’ll explore how the enemy attacks us and the strategies used to undermine our spiritual well-being. This foundational knowledge equips you with insights into recognizing and countering these spiritual threats.
  • I’ll focuses on how to fight back against the enemy’s fiery darts and protect yourself. I’ll guide you in building an arsenal of prayers and meditations that envelop you in God’s love and divine protection, ensuring you can stand strong in the face of spiritual challenges.
  • I’ll emphasize the significance of music and dance as tools to combat the enemy. Explore how these powerful forms of expression can elevate your spiritual experience and serve as potent weapons in the battle against spiritual adversaries. 
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, spiritual warfare walking meditation, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and prayer.




Rooting Out Fear & Limiting Beliefs

  • In module nine, we confront the notion that God has not given us a spirit of fear. We’ll delve into understanding the root causes of fear and how it can infiltrate our lives. Recognizing the origins of fear is the first step toward overcoming its limitations.
  • We will identify how fear manifests itself in our lives and the various ways fear can shape our thoughts and actions, providing insights into its underlying mechanisms.
  • We’ll discuss practical steps and strategies to identify and eradicate fear, allowing you to embrace a life free from its limitations. 
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and prayer.




Christ-Centered EFT & Inner Healing

  • In module ten, we explore the transformative potential of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other healing modalities. Discover how these techniques can aid in healing painful memories, addressing daily struggles, and overcoming life’s challenges. We’ll lay the foundation for incorporating these practices into your spiritual journey.
  • You’ll learn how to create personalized EFT scripts tailored to your unique healing needs, enabling you to address specific issues and cultivate emotional balance. 
  • I’ll introduce you to my Inner Child Healing Meditation and exercises. These practices foster greater trust in God as your protector and healer. We’ll also explore the integration of journaling and EFT for the removal of emotional trauma from your body. 
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and prayer.




Living in Alignment with God & Your Purpose

  • In module eleven, we will explore what does it mean to become a living sacrifice and the profound shift that occurs when you align your life with God’s purpose. 
  • Jesus continually stated that He and the Father are one. We’ll explore what it truly means to unite your identity with His, fostering a deeper connection with God and a sense of purpose that transcends worldly pursuits.
  • We will explore the questions of who’s doing the work and how to rest in God instead of constant doing and striving.
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and prayer.




Rewriting Your Story-Making All Things New

  • In module 12, it’s time for you to put something on God’s To-Do List. Discover the power of co-creating with Christ, and aligning your desires with God’s divine plan. This foundational understanding sets the stage for a life filled with purpose and intention.
  • Take charge of your life by creating your vision and shifting your focus from external pursuits to identifying how you want to feel, aligning your life with your deepest desires and values.
  • We’ll address the challenges of overcoming resistance to your goals and dreams and how to flow with God and inspired action, gaining insights into how to stay aligned with your vision and values. 
  • Includes guided Christian meditation MP3, assignment(s), handouts, affirmations, and prayer.

Weekly Class Format

Below is an overview of the weekly class format you can expect in the Total Mess to Total Rest Course. You’ll want to dedicate at least 2 hours per week that include lessons and daily meditation practice. Here is a typical outline for each week’s module:

  • An 5-7 minute opening meditation to get us centered and grounded in Christ. 
  • Three or four 15-30 minutes video lessons followed by an activity or assignment. 
  • Daily meditation practice that can range from 10-40 minutes daily that includes reflection and journaling questions.
  • Prompts to complete on progress in discussion portal for group interaction & possibility FB group.
  • During the week, you’ll put into practice the tools and techniques you are learning to gain mastery.
  • Occasionally, I include some additional videos and resources that will enhance your progress. 
(You can break up the video lessons over the week, but you’ll want to do the meditation practice daily using the instructions and guided meditations.)
build community

3 Additional Components:

  • Gain Accountability– Specific strategies to keep you on track and in action.
  • Action– In addition to the video lessons, you’ll engage in specific action steps each week that support your change and transformation.
  • Build Community/Support -Build an Intentional and Nurturing Community with like-minded Christians.

Total Mess to Total Rest Coaching Program Is for You If...

🌟 You Seek Inner Healing: If you’re grappling with depression, anxiety, negative thinking, or inner pain, and you’re ready to take proactive steps towards lasting healing.

🌟 Desire Wholeness and Purpose: This program is tailored for individuals who yearn for a holistic transformation, not just in their mental and emotional state but also in finding a deeper sense of purpose in life.

🌟 Ready for Responsibility: If you’re willing to take responsibility for your own healing journey, recognizing that true change comes from within, and you’re committed to putting in the necessary effort.

🌟 Comfortable with Christian Meditation: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced meditator, if you’re comfortable diving into Christian meditation without needing extensive foundational instruction, this program is designed for you.

🌟 Value Live Interaction: Enjoy and thrive in a community setting? With live lessons over Zoom, weekly hands-on assignments, and a supportive community, this program offers an interactive and engaging learning experience.

🌟 Seek Major Transformation: If you’re hungry for substantial change in your life, wanting to overcome stress, fear, and negative thinking patterns, and are motivated to see significant transformation within 12 weeks.

🌟 Ready for an Arsenal of Tools: You’re not just looking for a quick fix but are eager to build a comprehensive toolkit for combating life’s challenges—tools that encompass meditation, healing exercises, and more.

🌟 Thrive with Accountability: Students who appreciate and benefit from accountability structures, ensuring they stay on track with their healing journey and coaching experience.

🌟 Enjoy Community Learning: You find joy and growth in working collaboratively with others. The program’s community support, including live sessions and discussions, resonates with your learning style.

🌟 Can’t Wait for the Next Live Offering?: If you’re concerned about missing the live sessions, don’t worry! This program generally runs live once a year, but the option to sign up for a replayed course ensures you can still access the transformative content even if you miss the initial deadline.

Total Mess to Total Rest:
A Biblical Approach to Inner Healing

                                         What’s Include:

  • 12-Coaching Modules that include video lessons, assignments, handouts, weekly affirmations, and prayers. – $2400 value.
  • 20- Original and topic specific guided meditation mp3s to enhance your transformation, healing and spiritual growth. – A $300 value.
  • 12- Months free access to Monthly Christian Meditation group and sharing circle- A $240 value.
  • 12- Months free subscription to the Christian Meditator Listening Library- A $300 value.
  • Lifetime Access to the program.
                                       Total Value: $3,240

All of this for 70% Off!

Only $995

But Save even more!

Special Launch Pricing- $595!

Two Payment Plans Available:

3 Monthly Payments of $210.00
6 Monthly Payments of $110.00


Questions About Course

Question # 1- I want to enrolled in the “Bonus” Just Meditate Membership as well, how to do I access it?

Answer- Once you are enrolled, you will be added into the membership within 7-days. If you haven’t been enrolled by then, please just let me know. You will receive an invitation to join via email 

Question #2- Are the meditations downloadable?

Answer: No, they are not downloadable but can be accessed on a variety of digital devices for easy use on your phone. We now also have an app that makes all the materials easily accessible from your mobile device. Most people have hard time downloading the meditations in the past. 

Question # 3- What is the difference between this course and Meditate and Grow?

Answer- Total Mess to Total Rest is more of a coaching program that is more like a life makeover. You will identify who you desire to become (a new creation) and work with me using video lessons, guided meditation, weekly assignments, intentional handouts, journaling, and a variety of healing tools to move you from internal chaos to resting in God for your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being as well as your purpose. 

Question #4- Should I take Meditate and Grow before taking Total Mess to Total Rest? 

Answer- I do highly recommend the M $ G course first, especially if you are new to Christian meditation, have never meditated or struggle with it, don’t have some type of regular meditation practice, and have lots of questions about Christian meditation. In this course, I give you a solid background about the practice and help you to overcome some of the objections you might have as a Christian. Although in M & G we do cover a few healing modalities, we do much more in Total Mess to Total Rest. In Total Mess to Total Rest, I will touch on or revisit some of the basics, but it is not the focus of this program.

Question #6- How long will I have access to this course? 

Answer- There is no expiration date on this course. 

Question #7- Can I do more than one module at a time?

Answer- No, every 7 days you can start the next one. This is to give you time to complete the lessons before moving as on as each module is a progression. 

Question #8- Can I get a refund if the course is not meeting my needs?

Answer- Yes, you have 14 days from enrollment to ask for a full refund. However, we don’t know what we don’t know and must often follow the process to the end before seeing true transformation and progress. Just send me an email detailing your concerns.

Amazing! Rhonda Jones and her work is amazing, and changing the lives of so many. I was originally looking for some "Christian" Meditations to do, to calm me, and I stumbled onto her website. This book will change your outlook on life. It offers hope and prayer to the hurt and hopeless. "Help Me God! Change My Life" will do that exactly for you! So much help, I couldn't wait to do this every day....ready to start it again soon, and even going to set up a meditation room, just like Rhonda suggested. Can't wait. Enjoy, and get ready to be transformed! - Marcia Crafter
Marcia Crafter
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