FREE- Transform Your Mind with Christian Meditation Webinar

Transform Your Mind with the Power Practice of Christian Meditation Free Webinar Replay. Are you leaving your mental, emotional, and spiritual health to chance? Too often we focus on the outer world (appearances, material, tangible), but neglect the world within (our mind, spirit, and heart) just because it’s not so visible, but cleaning the outside isn’t enough.


In this interactive webinar video replay, Rhonda will share and answer some of the questions below:

  • Is meditation Christian?
  • What most people really meditate on?
  • Why you are mostly like unhappy, depressed, and feeling disconnected from God.
  • Why you need to make spirit and soul care a priority?
  • Are you are ready to take the responsibility to heal your life?
  • Why it is so hard to change?
  • Where you are on the healing ladder?
  • The benefits of Christian meditation
  • What the Bible says about meditation
  • How you can deepen your Christian meditation practice

She’ll give you many of the reasons why building your life on a spiritual foundation, by incorporating Christian meditation into your life, is a really good idea; in fact, meditating on God is essential for a successful life.


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