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Wash Away the Weights of the Word

As you already know, many people suffer from stress, burn-out, and busyness. In fact, most people are too busy to live. The quality of our life seems to diminish with each generation. We have more stuff but less time to enjoy the things that really matter.

Due to high stress levels, many people suffer from chronic illness like diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. Studies have shown that 90% of all illness is due to or heighten by stress.  Because of this, many health professionals are now prescribing meditation to reduces stress and its effects on our health, and the science shows it works.

Through the art of Christian Meditation, we surrender our whole being unto God by entering into his presence and bringing our mind and body under subjection to Christ. Through quieting the mind, meditating on God’s Word, and abiding in His Presence, we consecrate ourselves unto God and away from the world, it’s distractions and worldly attachments and affections. Each time we enter into God’s Secret Place, we allow his transforming presence to change us inwardly where we discover the deeper things of God, a world within a world, that many never dig deep enough to find.

 Meditation is the act of meditating; continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation; or devout religious contemplation or spiritual introspection. Therefore, the practice of Christian meditation would be to engage in thought, contemplation, and reflection about our relationship with Christ and/or the Word of God.

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Before beginning the meditation, notice where you might be holding onto stress in your body. Take a few deep breaths in and out of your nose to release and let go, washing away all tension.

After the meditation, spend a few more moments in silence. If time permits, get out your journal and ask God what is cause stress in your life. Ask God for help in managing your life better and even think about how you can cut back on some of your weekly activities to spend more time just being.  For best results, meditate 1-2 times per day, preferably in morning and evening.

This meditation is about 22 minutes long. If you enjoyed it, please check out my Physical Health and Healing Meditation Bundle, at the end of this page. You can also listen to more samples by clicking here

Try It Now. Listen to Video Meditation: The Lord is My Healer

About The Lord is My Healer:

Are you in need of healing or know someone who is struggling with an illness that made be made worse by stress?  I created and dedicated this video for my daughter who had been suffering from debilitating headaches. After taking numerous medications and trying to get help from doctors, I told her she needs to take this to Jesus.  I made the video to help her but it may help others as well. Many of the physical conditions in our bodies are due to stress. In fact, the CDC and International Health Organization declare that 80-85% of all dis-ease, has an emotional root. When we can reduce the stress in our lives, it builds up our immune system. Release stress is paramount to maintaining physical and mental health and well-being.

To Prepare for the Meditation:

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable upright position. Legs can be placed on floor or crossed.
  • If you have headphones available, put them on. Get relaxed and press play.
  • After the meditation, please leave any comments below: How did it make you feel? What did you notice about your thoughts? 

Benefits You Can Expect from Christian Meditation

  1. Become an observer of our minds.
  2. Learn to take authority over our thought life.
  3. Reduce internal and external distractions.
  4. Overcome compulsive thinking that leads to compulsive behaviors.
  5. Win the battle over our mind.
  6. Squash every thought that exalts itself against God’s Word.
  7. Stop striving and trust God.
  8. Break the cycle of urgency and busyness.
  9. Get our attention back on God.
  10. Hide God’s Word in our heart.
  11. Gain greater discipline.
  12. Learn to live in the present moment.
intimacy with God

Transform Your Life by Relieving Stress
and Transform Your Relationship with God

“I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”  Did you know that almost 90% of illnesses are exacerbated by stress? Today, many physicians are now encouraging some form of meditation. The list of the positive physical benefits of meditation just keep growing. It lowers blood pressure, reduces pain and inflammation, and helps with memory, to name just a few. You can learn more about the benefits of Christian meditation by reading the articles below.  If your stress is related to negative thoughts, then also consider some of the methods stated in the section about restoring peace of mind.

Read These Additional Articles

Could You Use a Little More Love and Inspiration Today?

One of the most inspiring videos I have ever listened to!

Every now and then, there are videos or messages that give me goose bumps and this is one of them. In this video, Jeff Olsen shares about his near death experience. This video is one of the most beautiful messages about God, love, and life that I think I’ve ever heard. If only we all could be inspired to love without seeing our differences and separation. We certainly would have so much more joy and less stress. I hope it inspires you as well to seek after those things that REALLY matter.

Start Meditating Now to Eliminate Stress

how to meditate as a Christian

Some great options for those who want to reduce stress is to do a walking meditation. With a walking meditation you get the benefits of both exercise and meditation. A walking meditation is very simple. Pick an area you’d like to walk. A pretty place or around the block is ideal. Proceed by walking very slowly and as you do stay completely in the presence moment by focusing on tangible things around you, like flowers, trees, or the side walk. You can even meditate on a sacred phrase like “Christ is my peace” as you walk. The key is that every time your mind wanders off, bring it back to the present moment by returning your focus to the here and now. You will be surprised at how many times your mind is going to wander off like a dog on a long leash. Just like training a dog to heel, you’ll need to continue to yank your mind back into the present moment. Get our Quick Start Guide delivered to your email address by click here

Ready to Start Your New Meditation Journey?

Date with God Guide for Slider

One of the best ways to becoming a Christian meditator and start meditating is to 1) Learn more about mind and meditation, 2) Take a meditation course that will teach you how to meditate effectively. Many people believe that if they just get quiet and close their eyes, they are meditating; however, their bodies may be still, but their minds are all over the place. 

Meditation is a skill with many specific techniques, so to really meditate effectively and achieve results, you want to meditate correctly.  I have several FREE COURSES to get you started. These include my 4-Part Video Course on It’s All In Your Mind: Is Your Mind Sabotaging Your Life and Relationship with God? In this course, you’re learn critical information about the role of the mind in creating both joy and pain. This will help you to build your meditation practice on important insights that will create greater success. 

Next, you can sign up for my 8-Day Christian Meditation Mini-Course, to get a greater understanding of Christian meditation. The videos are 5-10 minutes long, and they will answer some of your meditation questions. Armed with information, you can then decide how to create a meditation plan that is best for you.  I also want to encourage you to enroll in my email e-series, 10 Spiritual Disciplines that Will Change Your Life. In addition to meditation, you want to build your life on a spiritual foundation in more ways that one. Being spiritually-minded is a way of life, a way of being, and it takes more than a few attempts here are there.

When you’re ready to dig in a little deeper, check out my Christian Meditation Academy. The academy can be purchased either as a basic or deluxe membership. The basic membership is a great place to get started if you are a beginner. It includes four parts that will teach you how to incorporate a solid meditation practice. It includes videos, lessons, guided meditations, healing tools, and more.

Have a desire to go use Christian meditation as a healing modality in your life across a variety of needs, then you’ll want to look at my Adiding in Christ Course? For example, in my 10-week Abiding in Christ Course, you learn the effectiveness of Christian meditation to renew the mind, heal the body, manage emotions, heal inner pain, and so much more. It also includes some bonus modules like walking meditation, teaching children to meditate, and my extensive healing toolbox. This course is designed to transform your life on many different levels using the powerful practice of Christian meditation. It includes videos, audio, texts, journaling exercises, and guided meditations for you to follow.


 My A Date with God Course will help you establish a daily morning routine so you can start everyday with focus and purpose. It will also help you to manifest your dreams and desires.   Also, take a look at our Help Me God Change My Life course. This 12-week course is great if you feel you need a life makeover. The course, which is also founded on Christian meditation, comes in daily bite-sized lessons that build upon each other. You will work on transforming your life in 7-Core areas, these include: the mind, emotions, spirit, body, schedule, vision, relationships, and physical space.  This is a great course if you’re desiring to detox your life from mental, spiritual, and physical toxins that may be blocking you from God’s presence and your purpose. You can check out my product library for additional course offerings by CLICKING HERE. 

Along with these courses, consider adding a collection of guided Christian meditations to your spiritual toolbox. I have downloads, CDs, bundles, and even a listening library available that contains over 60 guided Christian meditations or affirmation recordings. You can learn more about these by CLICKING HERE. 

Come to a God Getaway Retreat with Me!

Be a part of a God Getaway that will heal and transform your life. Someone that would benefit from a God Getaway is someone who feels burnt out with work, church, family, friends, or life in general. If you currently feel distant or disconnected from God and his spirit you would certainly benefit from one of our retreats. We have a selection of retreats to choose from. Take a look hereLearn more about my God Getaway Retreats.

Past Retreats: Mexico, California, Costa Rica

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Physical Health & Healing Christian Meditation and Affirmations Bundle

Physical Health & Healing

To Listen to Samples or Learn more CLICK HERE.

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The Christian Meditation Physical Health and Healing Bundle Includes: (Click on titles to listen to samples.)

  • Divine Healing (med)
  • God’s Healing Light (med)
  • Weight Loss & Health Affirmations (aff)
  • Power Affirmations (aff)
  • Healing Affirmations (aff)
  • Control Negative Thoughts (med)
  • Quieting a Restless Mind (med)
  • The Lord is My Healer (med)
  • In Everything Give Thanks (med)
  • Repentance (med)

Where to Go from Here?

Intrigued by what you just read about Christian Meditation and wonder what your next steps should be? If you haven’t already, please check out all the links in this blog post.  In addition, we have a Facebook Group targeted for those who practice Christian Meditation. Once you have joined you can talk with other members about their experiences. 

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