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“UNPLUG Retreat Kit: Reconnect with God, Recharge Your Life”

“Transform Your Spiritual Journey with Guided Christian Meditations”

“Escape the chaos of everyday life and embark on a personal retreat designed to rejuvenate your body and soul. Take a break from the hustle and bustle, and reconnect with your faith and spirituality in a meaningful way.


  • Find peace in your mental space
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and live your greatest life
  • Cultivate internal strength and control your reality
  • Make uninterrupted time for a divine connection
  • Engage in soul-recharging activities
  • Heal past hurts and find inner clarity
  • Get Closer to God Today!
Christian Personal Retreat Kits

Personal Retreat Kits Includes Everything You Need for a 1-3 Day Christian Meditation Retreat in your Home!

A retreat isn’t just a vacation; it’s an opportunity to pause, reflect, and grow spiritually. These 86-page UNPLUG Retreat Kits offer topical lessons, reflective questions, journal prompts, exercises, guided Christian meditations, healing tools, and spiritual activities that can transform your life in just one weekend.

  • Ebook (86 pages)
  • Includes 8-10 audio recordings & resources page
  • Instant download

 “Experience Your Retreat Journey”

Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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