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The Christian Meditator's Christian Meditation App



The Christian Meditator App

With the Christian Meditator’s Christian Meditation App enjoy guided Christian meditations, healing tools, daily Christian meditations, and more in one easy spot!

Use this Christian Meditation App to help you find some quiet moments in your day!

What's Inside This Christian Meditation App:

What Do You Need to Heal?

Suffering from negative thoughts, stress, physical illness, inner pain, or desire to draw closer to God. Get learning, growing, meditations, and reflection guide to heal your life and relationship with God.

5- Minutes with God Daily Meditations

Don't have much time to spend time with God? These 5-Minute meditations allow you to connect with God and restart your morning in just five minutes a day. Meditations come in a variety of topics.

Be Still & Know Meditation Membership

Are you a Be Still and Know Christian Meditation Member? If so, easily access the membership right from your mobile phone. Then, just log in. The Be Still and Know Christian Meditation Membership includes 12 Christian mini-course modules, over 70 guided Christian meditation and affirmation audios, a variety of healing tools, live workshops and more.

Products & Services

Contains links to some of my most popular Christian meditation products and services: books, courses, bundles, and more.

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christian meditation app
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christian meditation app
rhonda jones, the christian meditation journal

Rhonda Jones, The Christian Meditator

Rhonda Jones has been teaching about the transformative practice of Christian Meditation since 2005. Rhonda's unique approach to Christian meditation includes using meditation and spiritual self-care to promote mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

You are Only As Healthy As Your Mind

Use the Christian Meditator App to heal your life and relationship with God with spiritual disciplines and transformative tools that have brought more peace, joy, contentment, and intimacy with God to Christians everywhere.

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