Christian Meditation Courses for Personal and Spiritual Growth

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A Date with God

a date with god

A Date with God (formerly The Christian Power Hour) is like a daily shower of the soul.  In just one hour per day, you can turn your burdens, fears, and cares over to God.

Help Me God Change My Life

help me god change my life

Help Me God Change My Life is a 12-Week Biblically-Based Program Designed to Help Your Transform Your Life and Deepen Your Relationship with God.

Christian Meditation Certification Course - Starts August 2018

online christian meditation course

My new Abiding in Christian Meditation Certification Course for Beginners is an interactive 10-week online program takes an in-depth focus of Christian meditation and it's transforming power to heal. Great course for those who want to do deeper or use in their health-related practices. Plans to relaunch and open course in August 2018.