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Healing is An Inside Job that Begins with the Mind!

Too often we look outside of ourselves and seek the external things of life for happiness. The problem is that we’re looking in the wrong direction. If you want inner peace and joy from within, then you must go within to find it. This Christian Meditation Academy will provide you with the guidance and tools you need to live a more peaceful, joyful, prosperous, and Christ-centered life. The academy contains a variety of courses and tools I’ve have created over the years that have helped thousands of people draw closer to God as well as themselves.

Why I Created this Membership Academy!

My New Christian Meditation  Academy includes a variety of spiritual growth tools and courses that have helped so many believers over the years, all presented in an organized and step by step format to help you grow as a Christian meditator, and at price that most anyone can forward.

Now you can have access to many tools to help you deepen your walk with Christ and build your life on a spiritual foundation.  Are you ready to grow in your spiritual and personal life through the transformative power of Christian Meditation? If so, join the membership academy today and along with many others who have changed their life with this powerful practice. 

What's Inside the Christian Meditator Membership Academy!?


The guide below will show you the steps suggested to get the most out of the academy. If you are brand new to meditation please start at the beginning. If you already have a meditation practice and want to focus on other areas, feel free to move around. The Academy is organized by the following sections and includes the following courses and materials.

Part # 1- Understand the Mind, Emotions, and Body Connection

You can’t change what you’re not aware of. Learn how your thoughts steal your peace of mind and hinder relationship with God. Includes:

  • It’s All In Your Mind 4-Part Video Series: Is Your Mind Sabotaging Your Relationship with God? 
  • 7-Part Video Series: Winning the Battle of the Mind: What is Christian Meditation, Benefits of Christian Meditation, Renewing your mind, and more!
  • The Transformative Power of Christian Meditation Webinar (Replay) 
  • 10 Spiritual Disciplines that Will Change Your Life Devotional Series 
  • 8-Day Christian Meditation Video Mini-Course 
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Part # 2- Learn How to Meditate & Renew Your Mind

Once you understand the mind, body, emotions, and spirit connection, it’s time to learn how to meditate in a way that will restore your peace of mind, reduce daily stress, create a deeper relationship with God, and promote inner healing. 

  • 7-Week Renewing Your Mind Beginner’s Christian Meditation Course
  • 4-Part Scripture Meditation Audio Course 
  • 2-Part How to do Centering Prayer Video Series

Part # 3- Establishing an Ongoing Practice

Once you learn how to meditate, you’ll want to establish an ongoing practice so you can continue to reap the benefits. This section will provide you with tools to help you turn Christian meditation into a lifestyle. 

  • Creating a Morning and Evening Routine
  • 5-Day Spiritual Self-Care Challenge (Video Series)
  • 10-Day Christian Meditation Devotional Challenge
  • Christian Yoga for Stress & Anxiety (10-Day Challenge)
  • More Supportive and Personal/Spiritual Development Videos by Rhonda and Other Recommend Authors
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Part # 4- Mental, Emotional, and Physical Healing

What do we do with those negative emotions that show up once we become still and stop distracting ourselves. Part # 4 shares techniques on Emotional Healing methods to help you release your past and manage your emotions. 

  • Healing prayers and tools to help your overcome negative thoughts and toxic emotions.
  • The Welcoming Prayer 
  • 4- Part Inner Healing Mini-Course Series
  • 12-Step Christianity (Break your addiction to the world and create greater dependency upon Christ.) 

BONUS: My EFT Healing Toolboxes

You’ll also get access to:

  •  My Emotional Freedom Technique Healing Toolbox that includes video and written instruction, EFT & Journaling Lessons, and how to use EFT to release toxic emotions and more. 
  • Christian Yoga for Stress and Anxiety (10 Workouts)
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My Christian Meditations and Affirmations Listening Library

You’ll have access to over 60 guided Christian meditations and affirmation recordings to help you combat a variety of negative thoughts and emotions and enter into God’s divine presence. Seven topic areas include: 

  • Peace of Mind and Stress Relief
  • Emotional Health and Healing
  • Physical Health and Healing
  • Family and Relationships (Includes meditations for children)
  • Success and Abundance
  • Worship and Intimacy with God
  • Best of Christian Meditation


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Get These Two FREE Bonuses!

Try out the academy for 30-days and you’ll receive these two bonuses for you to keep should you decide to cancel. These include my brand new Pure Presence Meditation Audio to help you in manifesting your dreams and desires by dwelling in God’s pure presence. In addition, you’ll receive my Spirit & Soul Care Routine Guide that I currently do each day to keep my walk in Christ’s love, peace, and purpose for my life. Can be downloaded!

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Membership Academy Pricing!

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Quick Look at Christian Meditator's Meditation Academy Club Benefits:

  • Easy login and 24/7 access.
  • Save over purchasing individual meditations, affirmations, and courses.
  • Find support and accountability as you grow and deepen your Christian meditation practice.
  • Easy to get started with affordable price.
  • Learn how to meditate effectively using one or all of the methods included in the academy.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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