Detox Your Life & Awaken Your Inner Spirit

detox your life and awaken your inner spirit

Clear Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Clutter One Day at a Time!

By Rhonda Jones

Available December 2019! Want a very discounted copy and other bonuses? Join our launch team and help us get the word out. 

Includes Daily Lessons & Action Steps Designed to Help You Find More Peace, Joy, and Balance to SEVEN Core Areas In Your Life...

Are You Ready to Detox Your Life?- Hebrews 12: 1 declares, Let us throw off (detox ourselves from) everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles (contaminates) and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, let us keep our eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith.

detox your life and awaken your inner spirit
Are you ready for a life-makeover with God at the helm?

Detox your life in 7-core areas. Includes guided Christian meditation. Sign up below to join the launch team or learn when book becomes available. You’ll receive more information via email.

About Rhonda

Rhonda Jones started making Christian meditation Cds and recordings back in 2005, when most Christians never even heard of such a thing. Over the years, she has reached thousands with the life-change practice of Christian meditation.  If you’re interested in learning how to detox your life through Christian meditation, life lessons, diving deeper activities, and practical advise, you’ll love Detox Your Life and Waken Your Inner Spirit (complete revision of Help Me God Program). 

Amazing! Rhonda Jones and her work is amazing, and changing the lives of so many. I was originally looking for some "Christian" Meditations to do, to calm me, and I stumbled onto her website. This book will change your outlook on life. It offers hope and prayer to the hurt and hopeless. "Help Me God! Change My Life" will do that exactly for you! So much help, I couldn't wait to do this every day....ready to start it again soon, and even going to set up a meditation room, just like Rhonda suggested. Can't wait. Enjoy, and get ready to be transformed! - Marcia Crafter
Marcia Crafter
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Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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