Are You Interested in Joining the Detox Your Life &
Awaken Your Inner Spirit 12-Week Support Group?

If so, keep reading…

I love interacting with you all and am thinking about doing a Detox Your Life and Awaken Your Inner Spirit 12-week support group program. Right now I am just gauging interest. I would need at least 20-people (paid) to sign up to make it a go. 

In addition to that, I would like to offer scholarships (reduced fees) or free entrance to five or more people who may be struggling or out of a job right now. I will be asking paying members to recommend someone who they believe would benefit from the course, but who lack the ability to pay full amount.


How Does it Work?

Each week, I will host/facilitate a live group workshop via Zoom where we will discuss the book, our successes, challenges, and progress. I will use this time to go into some greater depth or even introduce some new techniques to use.

This will provide both accountability and support. Plus, it’s just more fun doing something like this with other like-minded people. My desire is for you to connect with one another during the week as well.

 If you miss a meeting, no problem, they will all be recorded to watch at a more convenient time for you. Not sure time of group meetings but either the weekend (maybe Sundays) or Mondays at 7p.m. (PST) I will ask each member before deciding. 

What is Detox Your Life & Awaken Your Inner Spirit Program?

Detox Your Life and Awaken Your Inner Spirit is divided into 7 key sections that address the different aspects of our lives. I wrote and designed this program over 7-years ago and have received lots of positive feedback on its transformative effects. The program incorporates daily lessons that build upon each other with Christian meditation as the foundation for transformation and change. Even if you’ve already gone through the program, this would be a great refresher course.

To learn more about the program, CLICK HERE to review and get more details.

What is Included in the Group Program:

Those who are a part of the group will receive:

  • Access to 12-weekly @1-hour live group sessions on Zoom (recorded).
  • Copy of ebook or spiral-bound (additional fee for hard copy)
  • 3-Months membership to the Be Still and Know Meditation Membership. We will be using this membership to access additional guided meditations that go with some of the lessons.
  • One 30-minute Zoom or conference call with Rhonda to address any personal issues or concerns. 
  • Access to a free digital copy of Detox Your Life Facilitator Handbook that I will create as we move through the group. Use this handbook to host a Detox Your Life Group for your ministry, local, or virtual group.

Pricing: (3-options)

The cost will vary based upon several factors. See breakdown below:

  1. If you already have a copy of the Detox Your Life and Awaken Your Inner Spirit  Ebook or Spiral Bound Book (you will need the 2019 version) – $97.00
  2. Purchase Ebook and Program: $127.00
  3. Purchase Spiral-Bound Book and Program: $157.00 (includes shipping)

*If you have an older version of the book and would like to use it, please email me. The newer version has been updated quite a bit. You must be able to show proof of purchase. Cost would be $97.00.

Sample of Pricing Breakdown:

$67.00 – Spiral-Bound Book (shipping included in price)

$57.00 – 3 Months Be Still and Know Meditation Membership

$300.00- 12 @1 hour group sessions @$20 each

$75.00- One 30 minute session with Rhonda

$25.00- Free digital copy of facilitator’s handbook

$525.00 – If purchased separately

You get everything above for $97 to $157.00 depending upon which book you choose or if you have a copy already!


When Will it Start?

I will need at least 20 confirmed participants in order to start the program. A good target date would be May-July 2020. If you are interested, please enter your name, phone, and email address below:

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