Do You Desire a Deeper Relationship with God?

Watch First!

After watching the video above that explains more about this issue, please move through the following steps for the next 7-days. You will find all of these resources as you scroll down the page.

  1. (Learn) Read, Draw Nigh to God and He will Draw Nigh to You to gain some additional knowledge and insight.
  2. (Grow) Read through the Grow strategies. Pick one or two strategies that you will commit to this week. Create a few reminders to help you remember (post-it notes, a signal on phone.)
  3. (Meditate) Select a time each day, preferably in the morning and even before retiring to listen to the guided meditation.
  4. (Reflect) Each time you do the meditation, answer the reflection/journaling questions.
  5. (Repeat) or (Expand) Repeat again the following week (maybe pick a new strategy). Or Expand. Read through the rest of this page to learn more or add additional resources or guided instruction.
  6. (Commit) Understand that spiritual self-care is a life-long journey. There is no need to rush through it. Just commit to giving some time to it every day to keep you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Consistency is key. I have many tools that can help you with that.
  7. (Share) Share your progress or feedback with me!

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Scripture Meditation:

Using God's Word to Restore Your Peace of Mind

closer to god

Draw Nigh to God & He Will Draw Nigh to You

Do you have a consistent quiet time, daily devotional, and/or talk to God often? It’s so important to spend time with God and abide in his presence. Building your life on the rock of Christ, makes the Lord center-stage in your life. 

Even though you may be a devoted believer who loves the Lord, you may struggle with balancing your time between Christ and the world. It’s so easy to get caught up in living that we neglect our spiritual growth and development. If we don’t cultivate our relationship with Christ on a personal level, God can begin to seem distant or far-away. Without Christ at your center, you can begin to operate in your own strength. Carving out time consistently to abide with God will go a long way to help you gain balance and perspective. Having spiritual self-care routine that includes a variety of Christian meditations at your disposal will encourage you to spend more time in God’s presence. 

If you have fallen away from God, I invite you to restore your relationship Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.  He is the only sure foundation on which you can successfully stand.

Never heap any condemnation on yourself but ask God to help you make Him a priority. You can also move towards God through Christian meditation by meditating on God’s word and abiding in his transformative presence.

waking up

Strategies to Help You to Draw Closer to God (Grow)

Tips to Help You Draw Closer to God:

  1. Download the Scripture Meditation: Using God’s Word to Restore Your Peace of Mind – Read through it. In addition to the guided meditation below, incorporate 5-10 minutes of scripture meditation into your day. You can do while beginning your lunch break or even before leaving for home. It’s time to create the quiet moments so that you can create a greater space for God.
  2. Make Your Relationship with God a Priority– I believe we are as close to God as we desire to be. In order to grow in greater intimacy with God, you must spend time with Him. Jesus said He abides in us, when we abide in Him. This can be accomplished by creating a daily quiet time or morning routine dedicated to spiritual practices that create a greater space for God in your life.
  3. Create a Daily Meditation Practice- Meditation helps us to quiet our minds, go inward, and release the mental and emotional toxins hindering God’s love and light from flowing freely in our lives. It can also help us to become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit living within us, who wants to guide us into all truth.
  4. Make an Appointment with God- God is our CEO, but many of us aren’t checking in with Him regularly. On your calendar, schedule in an appointment with God to be with Him and dwell in his presence.
  5. Become One with Christ- The Bible tells us that the kingdom of God is within us. We don’t have to seek God externally because He already resides within our hearts. Instead, consider the ways that you may be blocking or quenching God’s Spirit within. Christ wants to live in you and through you. Allow Him to do the work by surrendering to His gentle calls. Jesus said, “I and the Father are One.” 

Give God the First Fruits of Your Day (Meditate)

stress-relief (1)

After the meditation, spend a few more moments in silence. If time permits, get out your journal and ask God what He wants you to focus on today. Also, put something on God’s to do list in the form of a short prayer. For best results, meditate 1-2 times per day, preferably in morning and evening.

This meditation is about 22 minutes long. If you enjoyed it, please check out my Worshiping and Drawing Near to God, at the end of this page. You can also listen to more samples by clicking here

Try It Now. Listen Below to When I Open My Eyes Guided Christian Meditation

About When I Open My Eyes Morning Meditation:

The way we start our day is often the same way we will end out day. Too many of us jump out of bed and start the busyness cycle all over again. Meditation allows us to step off the treadmill of life and push the reset button to draw closer to God and ourselves.  Starting our morning dwelling in God’s presence with our mind focused on our creator is going to provide us with cleansing, clarity, guidance, and inner peace. When I Open my Eyes is one of my most popular meditations on youtube, with over 1 million views. Many people use this meditation to start each morning and draw closer to God. 

To Prepare for the Meditation:

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable upright position. Legs can be placed on floor or crossed.
  • If you have headphones available, put them on. Get relaxed and press play.
  • After the meditation, please leave any comments below: How did it make you feel? What did you notice about your thoughts? 

After the Meditation Journaling Questions (Reflect)

spiritual journaling

In your journal, answer the following questions.

1. What thoughts showed up during the meditation?

2.Did you experience any body sensations, anxiety, or uncomfortable emotions?

3.What can you commit to God?

4.Did you experience any other inspiration or promptings from God? If so, what?

5. How do you feel after the meditation?

(For best results, complete the meditation and journaling questions for the next 7-days)

Ready to Start Your New Meditation Journey?

One of the best ways to becoming a Christian meditator and start meditating is to 1) Learn more about mind and meditation, 2) Take a meditation course that will teach you how to meditate effectively. Many people believe that if they just get quiet and close their eyes, they are meditating; however, their bodies may be still, but their minds are all over the place. This is when many Christians give up and miss out on the benefits of this transformative practice. Having support and instruction from a book, course, group or coach can help to guarantee greater success. Below are a few recommended resources to get you started. 

Benefits You Can Expect from Christian Meditation

  1. Become an observer of our minds.
  2. Learn to take authority over our thought life.
  3. Reduce internal and external distractions.
  4. Overcome compulsive thinking that leads to compulsive behaviors.
  5. Win the battle over our mind.
  6. Squash every thought that exalts itself against God’s Word.
  7. Stop striving and trust God.
  8. Break the cycle of urgency and busyness.
  9. Get our attention back on God.
  10. Hide God’s Word in our heart.
  11. Gain greater discipline.
  12. Learn to live in the present moment.
intimacy with God

Worshiping God Christian Meditation & Affirmations Bundle

Worship & Draw Near to God

To listen to samples or learn more, CLICK HERE

See All 7- Bundle Selections

In the Christian Meditation and Affirmation Bundle You’ll Receive the Following Downloads: 

  • Blessed Be the Names of God (med)
  • Glory to God (med)
  • In His Presence (med)
  • In Everything Give Thanks (med)
  • The Secret Place (med)
  • Joy and Gratitude (aff)
  • Complete in Christ (med)
  • Jesus is my Peace (med)
  • Spirit of God (med)
  • One Body One Mind One Spirit (med)

Transform Your Life by Drawing Closer to God

“In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”  Psalms 46:10 declares, “Be still and know that I am God. Could our busy lives and distractions be getting in the way of a more intimate relationship with Christ? It’s so easy to get bogged down with the “cares of the world” and neglect our time and fellowship with the Father. Many years ago I was an active church-goer. I taught Sunday School and was involved in almost every ministry out there. At about 10 years of faithful service my heart began to yearn for something more. I lost my vigor for church and its activities. I began to sense that there had to be more to this walk of faith. 

It was also around that time that I was also battling chronic depression. I would ask myself, “How could I be a Christian and yet be so depressed? Shouldn’t I have the joy of the Lord?” Around that same time, I pretty much stopped going to church. I got tired of leaving there feeling just as unhappy as when I arrived. Then something happened. I began to seek the Messiah on my own. I began to read the scriptures and journal.  I also began to just sit in silence with the Lord or play soft music in the background. I literally felt the presence of God enters my room. This is when I believe I really met the Lord and learned to abide in His Presence. I got a hunger for the Lord like never before and as a result grew stronger in my faith and commitment to the Messiah. Years later, after receiving a divine healing encounter with God, I started this ministry to help others not only know of God but to know Him in a more intimate way. 

Additional Articles to Read

Start Meditating Now & Draw Closer to God


If you are desiring to Draw Closer to the Lord, some of the best ways to meditate are to just put on some soft music and dwell in His presence. That’s it, just dwell.  Another method is to use a guided Christian meditation CD that focuses on God’s works, glory, and His creation. These types of narratives take our minds off of ourselves, our circumstances, and puts them on God.  Instead of dwelling on our problems, we want to dwell on God’s greatness to solve them. In addition, I would recommend that you set a daily Date with God.  During this time with the Lord you can listen to a guided meditation, journal, write and speak out scripture affirmations, and visualize what you want to achieve. We are to speak those things as though they were. God said He will do exceedingly abundantly above what we could ask for or think, so let’s starting imagining greater things from God!

Go on a Retreat with Us!

Be a part of a God Getaway that will heal and transform your life. Someone that would benefit from a God Getaway is someone who feels burnt out with work, church, family, friends, or life in general. If you currently feel distant or disconnected from God and his spirit you would certainly benefit from one of our retreats. We have a selection of wonderful retreats to choose from. Learn more about my God Getaway Retreats.

Past Retreats: Mexico, California, Costa Rica, Italy


Where to Go from Here?

Intrigued by what you just read about Christian Meditation and wonder what your next steps should be? If you haven’t already, please check out all the links in this blog post.  In addition, we have a Facebook Group targeted for those who practice Christian Meditation. Once you have joined you can talk with other members about their experiences. 

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