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by Rhonda Jones

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Lesson #1- What is Christian Meditation

Lesson #2- Is Christian Meditation Biblical?

Lesson #3- Why Meditate

Lesson #4- How to Meditate as a Christian

Bonus- Power of Godly Meditation

Lesson #5- How Not to Meditate as a Christian

Lesson #6- Let's Meditate!

Guided Christian Meditation: Control Negative Thoughts

Get in a comfortable position, press play button, and close your eyes.

Lesson #7- Creating an Ongoing Practice

Creating a 20-Minute Morning Routine

Wrap Up- If you want to learn more about Christian Meditation and go deeper into the practice, please get a copy of The Christian Meditation Journal, 4-Week Course, or join my Christian Meditation Membership.

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Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation