Detox Your Life & Awaken Your Inner Spirit -2nd Edition(Ecourse)


Released Date- January, 2020!

Through daily spiritual and practical lessons and the transformative power of abiding in God’s presence, Detox Your Life & Awaken Your Inner Spirit will take you step-by-step through the healing process of detoxing your life of the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional toxins that keep you from living more abundantly. It will give you the freedom to know, trust, and experience God in a way that will Change Your Life forever. Detox Your Life & Awaken Your Inner Spirit Will Help You:

Develop a Growing and Thriving Relationship with God.
Free Your Mind from Worry & Negative Thinking.
Eat Better, Lose Weight, & Restore Your Health.
Discover Your Purpose and Pursue Your Vision.
Turn Your Home in Your Haven.
Create Time to Live the Life You REALLY Want.
Heal Close Relationships and/or Attract New Love.



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