Don’t Make These 5 Christian Meditation Mistakes

by Rhonda Jones There are a lot of different methods that Christians employ when they attempt meditation, just like there are a lot of different little ways that different people manage their relationship with the Lord. As loving and accepting as we are, we might be prone to saying things like, “There’s no wrong way […]

8 Christian Meditation Tips for Busy Mothers

by Rhonda Jones Motherhood is not easy, and at times it feels like the to-do-list just keeps on getting longer every single day – making it difficult for us to experience true joy and peace that can be found in God, our children as well as the Gospel. “A mother’s work is unending”, the old […]

Christian Meditation for Rookies

Feeling like a Christian meditation rookie? Well, in addition to being good for your body, meditation is an great way to relieve stress, find peace, and grow closer to God. But many of us don’t exactly have the patience of a saint, and if you’ve never meditated before, it can seem scary and hard to grasp. […]

18 Things to Eliminate to Live a Happier Life

Guest Writer: Jeffrey Hagan Introduction: Everyone, believer or non-believer, wants to achieve happiness. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy as long as it is not our end all goal. Other than not having a relationship with Christ, the biggest thing that holds us back from accomplishing our dreams is, unfortunately, ourselves. We […]

The Gift of Uncertainty

  By Rhonda Jones Many believers would not see uncertainty as a gift. In this goal-oriented society, uncertainty can throw a major wrench in our plans. Yet the unknowingness of uncertainty can lend itself to even greater blessings than knowing what the future holds. Uncertainty forces us to live by faith as we see our […]

How Attachments Can Cause Suffering

  By Rhonda Jones Since becoming a Christian meditator, I place a great deal of emphasis on paying attention to my feelings and emotions. I am always looking for signs to whether I am joyful, sad, angry, or frustrated. One of the steps in my Date with God Devotional Guide is to finish the sentence, […]

Spending Time Alone with God (Dr. Charles Stanley)

Recently I listened to Dr. Charles Stanley’s  message on Spending Time Alone with God: God’s Great Stress Reliever. I hope that you will take time to listen to the video, but I have highlighted it briefly below. First, Dr. Stanley declares that “stress is a killer.” He talked about how many years ago, he continued […]

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