Activating the Gifts of the Spirit Video Series

Are you seeking to be used by God in a greater way in 2015? If so, you’ll enjoy this life-changing (and free) 5-part video series titled, “Activating the Gifts of the Spirit,”  by Mike Connell. The New Zealand pastor is an internationally recognized teacher of the Word who moves powerfully in prophetic, deliverance, and inner healing gifts. Several months […]

An Intimacy with God that Transforms

By Guest Writer Audrey Bryant Are you ready to be like Jesus? Are you ready to see God’s plan and purpose fulfilled in your life? I did not ask you about your situation, pain or problem. Are you ready to walk in the kingdom of God bringing damage to satan’s kingdom: the kingdom and power […]

A Call to Intercession

by Guest Writer  Kristoffer Riley Intercessory prayer. Call for it and few will attend. Even the ones that do attend may or may not be there for out of appropriate motives. Announce a fellowship dinner and even the lest unfaithful members show up on time. Intercession is obviously not a favorite subject among the redeemed. It […]

Are You Giving God the First Fruits of Your Day?

by Rhonda Jones If you aren’t giving God the first fruits of your day, you could be missing out on some blessings. God desires fellowship with his children. God says in the Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.” I created A Date with […]

Are Your Prayers Being Hindered?

by Guest Writer Dee Kyalo Can prayers be hindered? Yes they can. When you experience unanswered prayer, sometimes it could be because time is not yet for the thing to come to pass but more often than not, other factors could contribute to the silence from heaven. Apart from unconfessed sin (1 John 1:9), unforgiveness […]

How to Establish a Christian Meditation Practice That You’ll Love (Living Sacrifice Meditation)

How to Establish a Christian Meditation Practice That You'll Love

By Rhonda Jones As someone who has been teaching and creating Christian meditation resources for the past 10 years, I’ve been exposed to just about every meditation techniques and method available.  I have found that there are as many meditation types as they are ailments that they can address with the most prevalent being reducing […]

4 Steps to Getting Your Family Saved! Must Watch!

  On September 11,  2014, I just spent about one hour praying for the healing, deliverance and salvation of my family, friends, and YOU my subscribers! My prayers consisted of binding the devil and praying in the Spirit over your lives. As I shared from my article yesterday, Is Your Heart Prepared to Meet God?,” I am […]

How to Best Prepare for Christian Meditation

By Ruby Andrew (Guest Writer) Christian meditation is the act of reading a scripture, meditating or thinking on the words of that scripture and listening to Gods answers. Many Priests over the past few centuries have been using this form of praying to be closer with God. God wants us to think about his words […]

How to Be Happy All the Time

As Christians, we must understand that God wants us to be happy and to rejoice. Unfortunately, many people struggle with discovering that sense of happiness and joy. So, is it possible to be happy all the time? If so, what do we need to do first before we can be happy? As you see below, being happy all […]

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