Christian Meditation for Weight Loss

Christian Meditation for Weight Loss

Are you seeking Christian weight loss programs to help you with your diet? Want to learn guided meditation for weight loss? Christian Meditation for weight loss can help.

Learn the Essentials of Christian Meditation for Weight Loss, …Or Any Other Unwanted Habit!

Many people wonder if meditation can really help them to lose weight. While most Christian Meditations revolve around reflecting on God’s Word and your relationship with Him, that does not mean that it can’t be used to improve your physical and emotional life in other ways. Meditation is one of the most powerful Christian weight loss programs available that you can use to completely transform your mind, body, and soul. The peace, rejuvenation, and empowerment you gain from Christian Meditation for weight loss can easily be harnessed and used as a key part of losing weight to get the healthy, fit body you so desire.

Help With Weight Loss

Healthy, sustainable weight loss is not something that is easy to achieve using shortcuts. God gifted you with a masterpiece of a body that wants to be healthy, strong, and full of life, but the unhealthy habits of modern society make it difficult for many of us to achieve the levels of physical health that we seek. This is largely due to sheer noise– with modern technology, modern food products and our modern busy lives, it can be impossible to hear your body’s attempts to communicate with you. God created your body with everything it needs to stay lean and healthy, but with all the outside noise, we’re missing those signals!

Video: Christian Meditation, Positive Power Affirmations for Your Workout

Christian Meditation for Weight Loss

Christian meditation for weight loss can support your transformation journey because it works from the inside out, addressing the core of your weight management problems. Through Christian meditation you can observe, reflect upon, and then quiet the thoughts that lead to over-consumption and mindless eating. Also, by focusing your mind on holistic health, you can get back in touch with your body and use its signals to help you live in a way that will heal you from within.

Overcome Overeating: Christian Meditation and Weight Loss

For many people, overeating eating or mindless eating is an attempt to fill voids in their life. You may find that you eat when you’re bored, tired, sad, or just because you can. Food has become one of our greatest pacifiers and pastimes. We have become a society that lives to eat instead of eats to live. We are also bombarded daily with food advertisements and a variety of tantalizing food choices that are hard to resist. Therefore, healthy eating is often going against the grain and it takes a bit of effort, heck a lot of effort, to not get pulled into a food eating trance. Being a vegan I often find myself at odds with what’s in the grocery store or even at restaurants. It’s nearly impossible to find a fast food restaurant or even a grocery store that caters to pre-made food for plant-based eaters. In these cases my go to foods are fruits, nuts, hummus, rice cakes, and crackers. I’m really quite tired of salads.

Personally speaking, I found huge success in overcoming compulsive eating through my daily meditation practice. Initially, through meditation or quieting my mind, I became much more sensitive to my body and the messages or excuses I was using to overeating. I remember almost every morning during my quiet time telling myself that today I would not overeat or eat mindlessly, but by the end of the day, I’d blow it. Then one day I asked myself, what excuses am I giving myself to eat foods I didn’t really want just because they were there? Then I listened. In the quiet, I listened. What I discovered was that every time I had an encounter with “off limit” foods, I would internally tell myself, “Well this is a special occasion so it’s okay to eat it!” I unknowingly (subconsciously) kept giving myself permission even though mentally I attested the complete opposite. The problem was that special occasions are endless! A birthday, a potluck, out with friends, I worked hard today, a church event, a social gathering, etc. etc. I ALWAYS had a special occasion to eat badly!!!

Christian Meditation for Weight Loss

Christian Weight Loss Meditations & Saying No to Over-Eating

So I had to change the underlying message I was telling myself. I practiced Christian Weight Loss Meditations and learned that my new message was, “Special occasions or NOT, I release every need to make excuses to eat badly, to eat when I’m not hungry, and to eat more than my stomach would hold.” I had to take a NO HOLDS BARRED approach and IT WORKED! I stopped with the excuses and just said NO to every situation! Did it work? YES! Did I feel deprived? No, because I found healthy alternatives to foods I enjoyed and then I ate them on my food schedule and not the external ones that popped up every other day. Does that mean I never eat treats at special occasions? Not 100%, but close to it. The key is that if and when I do, my new belief checks me at the door and I eat it because I’ve made a conscious choice to do so, and not just giving into unconscious food cravings.

christian meditation healthy living

Christian Meditation for Weight Loss Using Guided Meditation and Affirmation

In addition to a consistent Christian meditation practice, another simple way to support your weight loss goals is to meditate on or incorporate healthy living affirmations. This means adding simple, powerful affirmations into your usual repertoire of scriptures or prayers. Here are a few easy ways to practice Christian meditation for weight loss using affirmations:

  • I love moving the body God gave me, and it will help me reach my healthiest weight.
  • Every day, I am growing healthier and fitter.
  • I listen to my body and what it is telling me.
  • I am learning to love, honor, and nurture my body.

It is equally important to include positive christian affirmations
that deny or release you from bad habits, like the one I stated before:

  • I release the need to make excuses to eat foods my body doesn’t need.
  • I release the need to overeat after I am already full.
  • I deny every accuse that tells me I can’t lose weight.

Christian Weight Loss

Why Christian meditation for weight loss?  When we are in touch with our inner self and discover the emotional root of why we overeat, we can begin to heal. Without making space for inner quiet and reflection, we may continue to be a slave to the thoughts that keep us in a food-addiction cycle. Most of us continue to think the same thoughts for so long, reacting to them just becomes 2nd nature. We see a commercial for ice cream, we think how good that looks, how much we love ice cream, and before we know it, we’re in the car and on the way to the store; however,10 minutes earlier ice cream was the furthest thing from our mind.

Gaining control over mindless eating or any other bad habit begins at renewing the mind. That is why Yeshua said we MUST bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. But before we can take a thought captive we must see it and dissect it. Digging deeper to find the origin of particular mindset is both healing and freeing. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can make the decision or choice to think and act differently. This must happen at subconscious level.

Christian Meditation for Weight Loss

Creating Boundaries and Routines Around Food

What I also found helpful, and let me say these principles work for all habits and not just weight loss, it so live EVERY part of your life with intention. What I mean is don’t leave anything about your life to chance from your sleeping rituals to how you plan to spend your day at work. The phrase, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is so true. Having routines create boundaries in your life and boundaries, the good ones, help to keep you on the straight and narrow. So as far as weight loss, create a daily eating schedule and then plugging in what you plan to eat and then use your Christian meditation for weight loss to eliminate EVERY excuse to diverge from your schedule. If you mess up, don’t fret about it, just continue on. There will be a learning curve as you navigate towards a new way of doing and thinking. It takes time to harness the mind and control impulses that you are used to following without thinking. Your daily weight loss guided meditation practice will help you gain mastery over these processes.

Guided Christian Meditations to Support Your Weight Loss Efforts

In my Be Still and Know Christian Meditation Membership, I include a module on Christian Meditation and Weight Loss. The module includes my guided Mindfulness and Weight Loss Meditation, along with a Mindfulness and Weight Loss Interview with a registered dietician, healthy living affirmations, EFT script, and video for overcoming emotional eating.

Please note that almost any guided Christian or mindfulness meditation will work wonders for helping you gain control over your thought life. I also have several affirmation downloads that would be great to support your weight loss goals. 

Affirmations on Weight Loss and Healthy living and Power Affirmations, are a few of my favorites for exercising. In the affirmations, I include both affirmative and denial statements. To make affirmations more effective, you need both. One cancels out the bad habits or excuses and the other plants new healthy thoughts into the subconscious mind. 

How Mindfulness Can Help You Eat More Mindfully

As I stated before, one of the most powerful ways to utilize Christian weight loss meditations is to introduce mindfulness into your daily living. Mindfulness, simply put, is paying attention. Your body knows how to stay healthy and fit. For thousands of years, people ate, exercised and slept without any diet books to tell them how to stay healthy. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It is fearfully and wonderfully made. When we feed our bodies the right foods, give it the rest it needs, and don’t plug it up with drugs and other harmful substances, our bodies will naturally transform themselves and heal. Therefore, loving and accepting your body is another important step to healing and achieving your weight loss goals.

When you learn how to eat mindfully, you shut out all distractions and focus on listening to what your body is telling you. When you are really paying attention, your body will tell you what foods don’t agree with you through aches, pains, itching, shortness of breath, burping, indigestion, gas, or even headaches. It is always communicating with us. If we’ve been eating poorly for a long time, it may take a little more time to hear the signals, but the cleaner we eat and begin to detox our bodies, we will become more familiar with the messages our body is trying to tell us.

Mindful eating is also termed ‘intuitive eating‘. When you sit back and observe your hunger signals, you will learn how much your body really needs to eat before it is full. You will also learn a lot about your emotional food habits– everything from unhealthy food addictions to simple stress eating. Meditation or mindfulness creates a space between you, the thoughts, and the actions, so you can take action proactively instead of just reacting to your same old impulses.


Christian Meditation for Weight Loss


When it comes to stress or emotional eating, Christian meditation works on two levels: first, it exposes emotional eating for what it is through mindfulness, and secondly, it offers an alternative to food. In your quest to lose weight, think of other activities you can replace with eating or any other habit. Like I said earlier, it’s important to make every part of your life intentional. For example, I have written in my journal that when I am tempted to eat when not hungry, basically for emotional reasons, I will drink a glass of water, walk around the block, reflect on why I want to eat and meditate for 5 minutes, call a friend, or do several yoga poses. It is important to have activities in place to replace unwanted habitual behaviors. This is why AA gives each person a sponsor that they are to call when tempted to drink or abuse drugs. It provides a distraction from the impulse to indulge in negative behaviors. As you continue to break the cycle you find it really gets easier.

Free Scripture Meditation Ebook

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of my Scripture Meditation Ebook: Using God’s Word to Restore Your Peace of Mind, that is a great way to implement Christian Meditation into you daily time with God. You can incorporate any of the meditations available to use during the routine.

Please share any successes you have had using meditation to overcome habits that lead to weight gain.


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