Does Christian Meditation Really Create Intimacy with God?

Question: Does Christian Meditation Really Create Intimacy with God?

Answer: Christian meditation is a tool that Christians can use to create greater intimacy with God. Through Christian meditation, we create a greater capacity to experience God as we learn to quiet our thoughts, renew our minds, and meditate on God’s word. Just think about a cup that is filled with our own human thoughts and understanding. We don’t leave much room for God to enter in and fill that space.  To really hear and fellowship with the Lord, we need to be able to hear his still small voice.  Through Biblical meditation we create an environment that invites God into our life.

Another type of Christian meditation is called Soaking in the  Spirit.  Soaking in the Spirit is just learning to abide quietly in God’s presence. We can’t linger in God’s presence and not be changed. I believe it is the highest form of  spiritual fellowship we can have with God. All other fellowship requires our minds or actions. When we abide in God’s presence and “soak in” his spirit, we are not praying or asking God for anything. We are just “being” with Him and abiding or resting in His love and light.

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