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Christian Meditation-Looking for a Deeper Relationship with God?

My name is Rhonda Jones and I am the author of a series of Christian meditation and Christian affirmation recor

how to have deeper relationship with god

dings that will help you to:

-Develop a Deeper Relationship with God

– Reduce Stress and Anxiety

– Eliminate Negative Thinking
– Enhance Your Mental & Emotional Well-being
– Squash Your Inner Critic
– Enhance Your Christian Walk
– Deepen Your Relationship with God

Christ-centered meditation can help you to possess more peace, joy, abundance, and purpose in your life. Many Christians are incorporating Biblical meditation into their daily devotions to draw closer to the Lord. .


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It was God-inspired meditation integrated with the scriptures that helped me to overcome years of depression. By learning to quiet my mind and observe by thoughts, I was able to renew my mind and gain control over negative and destructive thinking. My very first Christian Meditation recording was titled Control Negative Thoughts. This is a teaching meditation that helps believers understand the correlation between their thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

For years, I believed that just because I thought something is was so. I also believed that all my thoughts originated from me, but that simply is not true.  More likely than not the thoughts we are now thinking were planted in our minds 10, 20, even 30 years ago. Many psychologist agree that by the time we are 8-years-old we have adopted the majority of our thoughts and perspectives about life. Up until that time, we are like little sponges. We don’t have a filtering system to sieves the messages we receive. Therefore, these thoughts, perceptions, and mindsets, whether good or bad, become implanted in our subconscious mind. They become a part of us. We make comments like, that’s just the way I am.

The good news is that you can become conscious of these false mindsets and erase them from you mind altogether. I like to say that Christian meditation is a journey not only to connect with God, but to connect with ourselves. By that I mean, it gives us the opportunity to be still and really examine what’s going on in our heads.

I have created a variety of guided Christian meditation Cds and mp3s on many topics to help you to do just this.
In addition, these recordings let you meditate on the Lord in a way that never compromises your Christian faith. I hope you enjoy exploring the website as well as my blog to learn more about Christian meditation and its benefits. Blessings, Rhonda Jones


“I will meditate on your precepts and consider your ways.” – Psalms 119:15 _________________________________________________________________________

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