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power hour morning routine

Spending Time with God: Power Hour Morning Routine


Spending time with God: Power Hour Morning Routineby Rhonda Jones

When it comes to spending time with God on a daily basis, many of us struggle to find a few minutes we can set aside to nurture our faith. Our days our busy, and by the time evening rolls around, we’re exhausted. It can be hard for even the most dedicated of Christians to find an hour a day to devote to being with the Lord.

Cue the morning Power Hour Routine. By carving out your morning as a time for scripture, meditation and personal development, you get it ‘out of the way’ before you have a chance to fatigue. In addition, you get to start every day with an hour of the peace and inspiration that comes with basking in God’s presence. Once you’ve perfected your routine, you will find that it’s a dozen times better than starting your day running, as soon as your feet hit the floor.

Everyone has their own routine, and while I certainly have my own favorite practices, you can make your Morning Power Hour as structured or as free as you would like. As long as you spend your hour doing something that will bring you closer to God, you can’t go wrong.

Here are a couple of ideas for practices you can incorporate into your morning routine. Each of these are time-tested activities that will help you grow as a person and as a Christian.

1) Read something that inspires you.
The world is FULL of inspirational books written by Christians! Whether you’re looking for uplifting memoirs or personal development guides, a quick trip to the library will help you find dozens of books that can improve your life. Even if you only read for fifteen to twenty minutes, the knowledge you absorb will help you tremendously throughout the day– and imagine how much you can learn over a period of weeks or months!

2) Practice Christian meditation.
Christian meditation is one of the best ways to bring yourself closer to God. Whether you’re a fan of silent meditation or you prefer to listen to guided meditation recordings, set aside a couple minutes of your Power Hour to devote to your meditation practice. Even ten minutes can help you release stress, boost your mood, and set your intention for the day. This is the perfect time to ‘check in’ with your faith and remind yourself of the path you wish to follow. Learn more about what might be the best Christian Meditation products and techniques for you.

3) Read from of the Psalms.
While the Bible should be read in its entirety, the Psalms are the perfect bits of scripture to read in the morning. Within the Psalms you’ll find prayers, petitions, encouragement, refugee, and strength. I believe the Psalms is our go to book when we’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. And what better way start the day than with a dose of the most inspirational, loving words ever written?

4) Repeat your affirmations.
Creating affirmations puts something on God’s To-Do-List for you and gives you laser-focused goals to work towards. Write them on sticky notes, in a notebook, or even create a vision board. You’ve heard that those without a plan are planning to fail. 1 Corinthians 3:7 declares, “So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” This is true; however, we do need to plant something to give God the opportunity to increase it. 

5) Gratitude.
Your morning power hour is the perfect time to pause and thank God for all that He has given you and reflect upon His goodness.  Our main purpose should be to stay close to Christ and give “thanks” in all things trusting that God is “working out ALL things for our highest good,” whether we can see it or not.

These are just a FEW of the activities you can fit into spending time with God and your power hour morning routine!

Are you ready to make spending time with God one of your highest priorities and reap the tremendous benefits of giving Him the First Fruits of your day?


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