September 8, 2016 – The Christian Meditator Newsletter

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September 9, 2016 – Newsletter

“In Quietness & Confidence Shall Be Your Peace.”
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Owe No Man Anything But to Love Him

Imagine that. God has gotten us off the hook. He doesn’t need us to change, correct, judge, or even rule people. All God asks us to do is love them, and not just our brothers and sisters in Christ, but all people. How freeing is that?  Now we can get out of other people’s business and just concentrate on our own. That takes a lot of weight off our shoulders being able to turn down our Christian antennas and turn the reigns over to God concerning others and their lives.

Featured Event


Sign up for 5-Week LIVE Christian Meditation Class Start September 25, 2016

If you’ve been desiring to take your Christian Meditation practice to the next level or need more hands-on training, this series is for you. Over the 5-weeks series you will get an in-depth study of how to meditate from a Christian perspective. The goal of this class is to support you in establishing a daily practice. This is a LIVE computer based class and will be limited to 10 participants. To learn more or register, click the Learn More link.

Yah Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear


Don’t Embrace Change with Fear

I heard a minister say recently, “We only think God is at work when we’re happy about what he is doing.” We’ve been conditioned to equate favorable circumstances with God’s favor and unfavorable ones with evil. Yet God uses both the good and the bad in our life to accomplish his purpose in the world as well as our lives.

I’ve heard numerous times that God uses setbacks as setups. He knows that as long as things stay the same, so will we. But it’s only through circumstances that stretch us, and move us out of our comfort zone, that motivates us to change or take a new course of action.


Let’s Go Retreatin


2017 God Getaway Retreats

Interested in attending a Christian Meditation Retreat in California, Mexico, or Hawaii next year? Learn more about upcoming retreats to deepening our faith and spend time in Yahweh’s Presence.
Everyone needs a time of respite and retreat away from it all. Retreats provide us with the time to relax, reset, readjust, and reflect on what’s working and what’s not, which is  really hard to do with so many distractions at your beck and call. Retreats also give us time to reconnect with God, nature, and our inner spirit. During these contemplative retreats, you’ll get the time needed to reassess your life and relationship with God and make changes that will help you to build your life on a spiritual foundation with Yeshua at the center. (Join my new God Getaway’s mailing list to stay abreast of upcoming 2017 retreats.)

Online Classes Begin Next Month

Yeshua Yoga Live Classes OnlineYogis for Yeshua

LIVE Online Classes Begin  Saturday, October 1, 2016
Stressed, Worn-out, and Need to Relax? Whether you’re a man or woman,  Yeshua Yoga can help you to cultivate more peace and eliminate tension.

Are you looking for a relaxing and uplifting workout that will strengthen you spiritually as well as physically? My Yogis for Yeshua classes keep Christ in the center as we stretch, tone, and build muscle all in the name of the Most High. Each class is like a moving meditation to the Lord. Each class includes:

  • Prayer and Scripture
  • Asana (Exercise) Practice
  • Christian Meditation
  • Devotional
  • Closing Prayer

Most classes are 1 hour 15 minutes

Recent testimonial- Thank you for a wonderful lesson today, I have never had a more inspired uplifting yoga set in all the years I have practiced. Your reading of scripture during our set was so original, it felt perfect with the outdoors. I look forward to practice again with you soon.” -Thanks Conrad

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