Why I Became a Christian Meditator

Many years ago I suffered from a severe bout with depression. At that time I was a second grade teacher and sometimes I hurt so badly I would go into the bathroom stalls and just cry. I had done everything to find relief: counseling, medication, prayer, and more.

I had good and bad days, but it wasn’t until I stumbled on Biblical meditation that my life turned completely around. When I began to become quiet before God and abide in His presence, an amazing thing happened.

I began to hear God speaking to me. God told me that I was so depressed because of the chronically negative thoughts I was thinking. And oh boy, were they awful. I was constantly putting myself down. God then lead me through a healing process than ended my depression and later created a new ministry for me, Christian Meditation and Relaxation.

In addition to sharing the benefits of Biblical meditation, I love telling my Christian sisters (and brothers) about spiritual disciplines that will truly transform their life. Many of us who have spent years serving God sometimes come to a place in our Christian walk where we want more of God, and less of everything else. You know those things we “do” for God, but they don’t help us to build relationship with Him. That comes from being still and getting to know Him in a personal way.

I want to share with you more about Biblical meditation and how it can change you life as well. Christian meditation is a spiritual discipline we can put into immediate practice to begin to experience our Lord in a new and exciting way!

In the video below, learn how Christian meditation healed my life.


Create a Daily Power Hour: Interested in Christian meditation but not sure where to start?  Read my article on Creating a Daily Power Hour if you haven’t already. I give you tips on how to incorporate Christian meditation in your daily quiet time with God.

Struggle with Negative or Fear-based Thinking? : Also, check my best-selling Christian Meditation CD, Control Negative Thoughts. This is a teaching meditation that will help you understand the relationship between your mind, spirit, and relationship with God. It also includes two additional meditations titled Quieting a Restless Mind and Morning Devotion. Listen to samples and learn more. 


4 thoughts on “Why I Became a Christian Meditator”

  1. Willie Mae McKoy

    Hello Rhonda
    I thank you for allowing me to become part of your circle of friends who use meditation as part of their lifestyle. Actually i began it some years ago but i stopped because of my job at the time. Never had enough time. Now I’m about to retire and time is on my side.
    I look forward to ordering some cd’s and maybe other product that will be helpful along my journey. Thanks, and God Bless.

  2. Many thanks Rhonda, and you too Mark8v29, for your pioneering spirits. Helping to dispel some of the fear based (and I believe, enemy endorsed) myths pertaining to Christian meditation is a tremendous service to those who are still confused as to the exact nature of meditation. Being in close communion with our Father is a privilege of grace because of the sacrifice of the One who knows best of our Father’s love. Because of this website and audio guided meditations my relationship has additional depth and texture. I’m grateful.

    Mr prayers for your continued growth,

  3. Hi Mark, when I started the only sites on Christian meditation were The World Community of Christian Meditation (catholic org.) and mine. Now there are many more. So, yes, others are embracing this important practice and reaping the benefits.

  4. Hi Rhonda, Psalms 102 to 108, are I believe, a journey out of depression. Psalm 103 is very special to me.

    I as you have no problem at all with meditative and mindful practices. I am very familiar with them. In fact I think mindfulness and meditation have helped me notice, rather than dismiss, the still small voice.

    Do you hear full sentences, or have you made what you hear into full sentences for the benefit of your audience?

    You have clearly put a lot of energy into creating this website and CDs. How do you feel about using the internet market place to say what you want to say? Currently I just share what I’ve experienced with a few friends.

    I found your Google+ channel because I was about to create, and have created, a Google+ channel called Christian Meditation.

    It is good to find someone who loves God and is not afraid of meditation! Are you familiar with any others who have independently come to the same “conclusion” as you and I ?

    “Mark8v29” 🙂

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