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What’s Your Normal? – The Christian Meditator

What is your normal? For many of us our normal is low-grade anxiety, stress running in the background of our lives, that we’ve become so accustomed to that that we live with it or don’t even recognize it anymore.

For others, it is a myriad of activities, or events that are never ending. Never taking time outs or pauses to reset and recollect our lives and our intentions or our purpose.    

In so many ways, our normal isn’t normal at all. It’s become more of how we cope with life, rather than living it with genuine peace, joy, and balance.

I believe through the practice of meditation, life can begin to create a new baseline for normal and then build our lives upon that. Each time we enter into our meditation practice, we wipe away or shed those layers of end times deeply rooted within us that drive our thoughts or behaviors, many times along unhealthy paths.

Because meditation is the doorway to the soul, we begin to become aware of the very thoughts, mindsets, and patterns that are keeping us stuck in a partialize state of unnormal normalizing.

Each time we enter into meditation, in the presence of a purifying and holy God, with a heart of surrender, we give the Holy Spirit the space, the time or the opportunity to heal our brokenness and cleanse our hearts and minds.

The work is in the coming. The work is in the surrender. Christ can do the rest for He is the potter and we are the clay. Come to me all that are burdened and of a heavy heart and I will give you rest.

Through meditation and abiding in God’s presence, allow Him to establish a new normal in your life. A normal that is built upon the peace, the balance, the joy, the clarity, and the spirit of God. If your normal isn’t normal, it may be time to rest your life and build it on a foundation of love, faith, and truth.

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