Another reason to appreciate Christian Meditation

Another Reason to Appreciate Christian Meditation

Yesterday I went to a daylong meditation retreat. I believe taking time out to pause, reflect, and reconnect with myself and Father God is essential to my well-being.

Everything in the world is pulling us away from Christ and from building our lives in a spiritual foundation. If we don’t take charge of building our peel up in our most holy faith, we’re just going to be swept along with the tide of the prevalent culture. Which on most fronts is moving more and more towards darkness.

Participating in this daylong meditation retreat provided some insights and reminded me of the issues still requiring healing and attention. When we become still before the Lord, just like when we do a physical fast, the toxins begin to surface showing us the areas that need to be released or require additional healing. The more we go into the silence, removing the distractions, the deeper the layers of condition will surface to the top of our awareness providing us an opportunity for healing.

But here is something I realized at this daylong retreat, which was not Christ centered or biblical. We as believers of Joshua and Jesus are so blessed, because when we meditate in the presence and with the intention of drawing closer to father God, we glean all the benefits that those who meditate within Him, don’t have. Because Christ is in our midst and in our hearts, we can tap into His power to heal, cleanse, transform, and restore.

For example, as I was doing walking meditation, which is walking very slowly and deliberately anchoring your mind to each step with the intention of being fully present at different times, I felt the feelings of fear, selfishness, insecurity, rise up from my subconsciousness. I could feel them and even see them as dark smoke on walls of brick restricting my heart and spirit. Each time this would happen, I would pause, take in a few deep breaths, and recite the welcome prayer, a Christian prayer of surrender and inviting the healing presence of God to bring transformation and restoration in the areas that were showing up before me.

For the believer who believes, we have an advocate guarding, leading, and teaching us into all truth through the Holy Spirit.

Although there are many ways to work through uncomfortable emotions, I find tremendous comfort in knowing that Christ is by my side and always available for me to cast my burdens upon Him. In other words, we’re never alone on our journey to wholeness.

The scripture says that He stands at the door and knocks, the door to our hearts just waiting for an invitation to come in and do the work. And that can only happen when we become still, be still, and know our God and rest in His presence.

If you rarely take time to just be still and pause in the presence of God with a daylong and extended retreat, please consider it. We all need times to just be with God. We also need to take frequent pauses and a daily biblical meditation practice is a wonderful way to invite God’s presence into your life.

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