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What Exactly Does a Christian Meditation Coach Do?

Have you been considering or tried meditation and think you might be interested in working with a Christian meditation coach? As a new believer you might have stumbled on Christian meditation and you have tons of unanswered questions. Here is what you need to know about Christian meditation coaching.

In simple terms, a Christian meditation coach is someone who brings you closer to God, your Christian faith, and your life goals. The main purpose of coaching others is for them to have a deeper communion with the all sovereign one who is God.

Meditating on the word of God is important in our Christian walk. Simply reading and memorizing the word of God without meditating on it may prove futile in every believer’s Christian race. Christians have always meditated on the word of God day and night; they were able to overcome the challenges they faced at that time. Christian meditation coaches know this, that is why they help their students to pave the way for a smooth communication channel with God by developing our spirit-man through a series of Godly activities.

Firstly, a Christian meditation coach takes you through a realization stage where you will begin considering the essence of your existence and the relationship you have with the rest of God’s creation. 

Creating a state of stillness in the soul; Christian medication coaches train people on how to rid themselves of hate, doubts, fear, or any form of emotional imbalance that has kept them perturbed. They do this by giving us relaxation tips such as posture, breathing techniques, Christian virtualization, and reciting bible verses or concepts.

A Christian meditation coach also guides Christians on how to control their minds through meditation. How wonderful it is if you can control you line of thoughts and stop using that popular line Christians give when they hid to temptation?…”But I’m only human.” A Christian meditation coach will guide you through a series of contemplative prayers which will redirect your mind as you meditate in a quiet place, often times in solitude. The meditative mood is often times evoked through these prayers because it gives a sense of reverence and union with God.

A Christian meditation coach aims at heightening one’s relationship with God. They also increase one’s knowledge of Christ; his life, purpose, death and resurrection through a deep meditation of biblical scripture and prayers. They also train you on relaxation techniques to aid your meditation. 

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  1. Hi Shawn, I have been thinking about offering a course on this. Not sure yet or whether there are any out there that are specially Christian.

  2. Hello,
    I’m interested in becoming a Christian Meditation Coach. How do I receive training for it?


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