How Do I Know If I’m Meditating Right?


Typically I tell people that the only bad meditation is the one that you don’t do. You will find that each experience can be different. For example, sometimes when you meditate, your mind may be relatively still. Other times, your mind may be so distracted and preoccupied that you struggle through the entire process. Both situations are fine. It’s just the nature of meditation. A lot of it depends upon your mental and emotional state before you begin.

If you look at it as a discipline, a practice to help you detach from your mind and quiet your thoughts, you’re much less likely to judge each and every practice. In addition, the more you meditate, the easier it will get.

If you are new to meditation, it’s important that you learn some of the fundamentals before starting. This will help you to understand not only how to meditate, but answer such lingering questions.

Many people think that meditating is just sitting in a quiet place and closing their eyes. If that is all you know about meditation, you’re mind will drive you crazy and you will probably give up.

I have a meditation quick start guide on my website that you can download for free. Just visit: Christian Meditation- What Do You Need to Heal? – The Christian Meditator

Lastly, find a meditating technique you like and stick with it. Jumping from one technique to the next will slow down your progress. Think of meditation as training your mind to be more at peace and sometimes training takes time.

Don’t give up, the benefits are numerous.

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