Is Christian Meditation Really Helpful and How?


I can honestly admit that Christian meditation changed my life! There are many forms of meditation so I am not suggesting that you do one form or another, but meditation in general has so many helpful benefits that it’s unfortunate that everyone does not do meditation.

Just yesterday I completed a webinar on the Transformative Power of Meditation. In this webinar, I discussed how we spend so much time cleansing our outer bodies, our homes, or even our offices, but very little time is devoted to cleansing our inner being and spirit.

Now just imagine if you didn’t clean your body or home for 30 years! Depending upon how old you are, you may have 30-years of accumulated mental debris and clutter, destructive thoughts, toxic emotions, fears, worries, past hurts, pains, and the like, taking up residence in your inner spirit, mind, and heart. We think because we can’t see them that we’re clean and okay, but nothing could be further from the truth. They’re just hidden in our subconscious mind and having a invisible influence on us. Many people may refer to this as baggage!

Meditation is like the door to the soul. When we become still and quiet, all of that baggage may seep up to the surface of our consciousness making us aware that it’s still there. As it does, we can begin to deal with it and not just slip it back under the rug. Many people fear the quiet or being alone because they don’t want to have to face their inner demons, but they are not demons at all. Instead, they are the parts of you that want to heal and are saying, “Look at me, I need your attention!”

There are many tools to help us move past our pain, but that is a whole topic on it’s own. Meditation brings awareness and when we have awareness we can change those things in our life that are out of balance or not working for us.

This is just one of the helpful benefits, but there are so many more: creates peace of mind, reduces stress, draws us closer to God.

If you’d like to watch my webinar replay that is titled, The Transformative Power of Christian Meditation, here is a link below. Don’t worry if you do not consider yourself a Christian, the webinar is for anyone interested in healing their life and taking their mind back. It is free: Transform Your Life with the Powerful Practice of Christian Meditation Webinar

You can also learn a lot more about meditation at my website and even download my Quick Start Guide. Christian Meditation- What Do You Need to Heal? – The Christian Meditator

If interested, I invite you to join my Christian’s Who Meditate Facebook Group! 

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