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If you’re new to the site, that’s me in the photo above.  I am a Christian meditation coach, author, mom, grandma, and I even teach a faith-based yoga class. The simplest way to describe me is that I love everything Holy Spirit, health, wellness, peace, and joy. One of my greatest priorities is to build my life on the spiritual foundation of Christ. Nothing else really matters. I am the founder of The Christian Meditator and launched this website back in 2006, way before Christian meditation became so popular and mainstream.  Since then, I have reached many 1000’s of believers with the transformative message of Christian meditation.  Keep scrolling to see the ways Christian meditation can help you transform your life and the many tools I have to help you make that happen. Before you move on, please join my Facebook group: Christians Who Meditate.- Rhonda Jones

Listen to my Testimony!

I believe that life is not just about surviving and but thrivingHowever many years ago, surviving was how I lived each day for a period of 4-years in which I suffered from a deep depression. I was a Christian at the time and did everything humanly possible to get relief.  I prayed that God would take this heaviness away. I played praise music and dance around the room. I saw both secular and Christian counselors. I even took anti-depressants, but nothing worked for any lasting time. Finish Reading 

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There are many great articles on the website that you can learn a lot more about Christian meditation and other spiritual related topics. I picked out a few popular ones below:

Understand Your Mind and the Role it Plays in Your Happiness!

Listen to Guided Meditation & Affirmation Audios

You may just be looking for some great Christian meditation and affirmation audios to help you renew your mind, eliminate stress, or dwell in God’s presence. If that is the case, I have many, many topic-specific meditations for you to choose from that can be downloaded, purchased as a CD, discounted bundles or even the Christian Meditation App. Christian meditation audios are a great addition to your quiet time, or when you need a little rest and relaxation at the end of a busy day. In addition, you can listen to Christian affirmations audios to renew your mind as you meditate on God’s Word. 

Join Me on a God Getaway Meditation and Healing Retreat

Everyone needs extended times to get away with God. Retreats provide us with the time to relax, reset, readjust, and reflect on what’s working and what’s not, and that’s just something really hard to do when you have so many distractions at your beck and call. Retreats also give us time to reconnect with God, nature, and our inner spirit. During these Christian meditation retreats, you’ll get the time needed to reassess your life and relationship with God and make changes that will help you to build your life on a spiritual foundation with Yeshua at the center. Check out upcoming 2018 retreats scheduled below:

Enroll in a Course or Get a Book

Whether you need to overcoming negative thinking, reduce stress, find inner healing, or draw closer to God, I have created many courses and books to help you along the way. Soon I will be opening my Abiding in Christ Course, so please join the waiting list. (See below)

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