Help Me God! Change My Life -New Book Release

Approximately 55 million people world-wide search the internet for the phrase “help me god” each month.  Individuals from all walks of life are desperately seeking God for help, guidance and comfort, and to change their life or circumstances.

But for many, God often seems so far away, even though he is closer than ever. In fact, the Bible tells believers that God resides in their very heart. The problem is how can seekers connect with God in a very real and practical way? How can they get him involved in the very trenches of their lives or access him to receive the help they need?

Help Me God! Change My Life is a 10-week scripturally-based program that contains spiritual and practical disciplines to help God seekers unlock the door to a God who really wants to come in. Jesus told his disciples, “I stand at the door and knock and if any man opens the door, I will come in and live with him.” All God is waiting for an open invitation.

“We are all seeking help and deliverance from something,” said Help Me God! Change My Life Author Rhonda Jones. “Yet deliverance does not come from changing our external circumstances.  The victory we seek comes from transforming our inner being, that hidden and unconscious part of us that has been carrying around decades of baggage, weights, and erroneous and limiting beliefs,” she said.

According to Jones, too many believers are trying to please God by adhering to religious rules, service, and traditions. “But is that really God’s best or even His Way?” Jones insists.   Instead, Jones believes that God wants deep fellowship with his children. He wants them to rest in Him and to allow him to fill them with his indwelling spirit which will transform them from the inside out.  “All we must do is invite him in, become attentive, and surrender,” she declared.

Through daily spiritual and practical lessons and the transformative power of abiding in God’s presence, Help Me God! Change My Life takes readers step-by-step through the healing process of detoxing their life of the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional toxins that keep them from living more abundantly. These bit-size lessons bring about transformation in a natural progression, as each lesson builds upon the others.

The Help Me God! Change My Life Program integrates Biblical meditation and includes three Christ-Centered Meditation Scripts designed specifically to help listeners move past their conscious mind and into their heart, where according to Jones, “real healing takes place.” It is also possible to purchase the companion Help Me God! Meditation CD or the 3-meditation downloads for more inconvenience. You’ll find details inside the book.

Jones is also the creator of the award-winning website The Christian Meditator and creator of the Christian Meditation and Relaxation CD Series that allows Christians to meditate on God in a way that completely honors their Christian faith.

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