4 Tips to Narrow your Niche

I recently wrote an article on the question, “Does Narrowing Your Niche Really Work?” I wrote about all the positive results from having narrowed my personal niche and how it has benefited me in many ways by doing so.

I thought I would break it down to some simple steps on how to narrow your niche just incase you have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s okay if you don’t, I had to learn this like anyone else but I want to share it with others because I love to see others succeed.

Before you can begin narrowing your niche market home business you have to find your niche market home business first. I have an article that says just that on my website called “Finding Your Niche Market”. Check it out.

Once you have found a couple prospects, you are considering then it comes down to which ones you are going to focus on. So here is how I came to the conclusion of mine:

1. Check Market Value: There’s a page on Google Adwords, where you can look up any niche prospect and see if there is a market for what you want to do. It tells you the competitions you have by how many people are paying Google to advertise that particular niche. It also tells you how popular the niche market is by how many searches are made on that particular niche market.

2. Self-Evaluation Questions: Do you believe this is the business for you? Can you see yourself still doing this in five or ten years? Do you enjoy doing it, or have a passion or love for this niche? Do you have the skills and abilities to do it? Do you have the time and effort to do this? Are you willing to make some investment in this, financially and personally?

3. Consider the Cost: Making an investment is not only money but time and sacrifices. There’s always a cost to any commitment so be realistic of what you can and are willing to commit to and take some time to consider the answers to your questions, the market and your time and abilities to work and manage this niche business.

4. Have a Vision: The bible says without vision the people parish. Vision is needed to bring purpose with goals and a destination. Without vision you are just floundering with no purpose. After answering the self-evaluation questions, take some time to really think it out, project your business plan, write it out and have a vision for it. See the bigger picture.

When you make the time to think things through and consider your options and choices, it can make a difference on the final decisions you make. They are more thought out, guided and have direction and purpose.

When narrowing your niche make the decision that’s best for you. After all, the whole reason you are starting a business is for you right? One more thing, don’t let money be your deciding factor. Remember that it’s not just about making money it’s about starting a business that has potential to be successful and that will benefit you financially as well as personally.

You can view more of my home business articles on my website and make a copy of “Finding Your Niche Market”.

Filoiann M. Wiedenhoff is a pastor’s wife,work at home mom, Womans Biblical Counselor, Bible Teacher and Writer. View her website for more articles


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