What Does it Mean to Meditate on Christ?


What Does It Mean to Meditate on Christ?divine_delay_christian_meditation_cd-333x3331

  • Renew Your Mind
  • Rejuvenate Your Walk with God
  • Be Still and Know God in an Intimate and Personal Way

Many Christians struggle with worry, anxiety, and fear. Negative thoughts steal their peace of mind and busyness prevents them from spending quality time with God. Studies prove that meditation can reduce stress and improve 90% of all illnesses. In addition to its physical benefits, faith-based meditation has many spiritual benefits for the Christian as well.  It helps us to develop greater intimacy with God, renew our minds, overcome negative thoughts, create greater sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, detach from secular thinking, and restores our peace of mind.

What Does it Mean to Meditate on Christ?
Although Biblical meditation is a fairly old practice, it’s a new concept for the modern day Christian.  If you are like me, you probably grew up believing that meditation was ungodly or dangerous.  I was surprised to find numerous of books, websites, articles, and other resources related this subject.  In fact, the most compelling reason for Biblical meditation is the Bible.  Joshua 1:8 tells us that great success comes from meditating on Christ, and Psalms 46:10 that declares it is through stillness that we come to know God. It was also Jesus’s daily custom to find a solitary place and spend hours just abiding with God.  Jesus knew the benefit of spending time alone with our Heavenly Father that many believers don’t realize today. Christian meditation simply means to spend time abiding in God’s presence. Listening to a guided meditation or silently repeating a mantra (biblical word, phrase, or scripture which quiets the mind) are the most common methods Christians use to meditate today.

More Scriptures Related To Christian Meditation?
* Joshua chapter 1: 8 encourages us to meditate on God’s word day and night.
* Psalms chapter 4: 4: “When you are in your beds, search your hearts and be silent.”
* Psalms 104: 34, that his “meditations be pleasing to the Lord.”
* Isaiah  50:4, “He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one
being taught.”
* Moses spent 40 days on the mountain abiding and learning from God (Exodus 34-35).
* Paul received revelation and saw visions from heaven (2 Corinthians 12).
* John wrote visions that are recorded in the book of Revelations. There are numerous
scriptural references encouraging us to meditation and abide in God’s presence.

Over 25 Christ-Centered Biblical Meditations Available
It was meditation integrated with the scriptures that helped me overcome years of depression. Later God inspired me to create a variety of Biblical meditations that allowed believers to receive the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of meditation without compromising their Christian faith. My Christian meditation CDs are full of uplifting scriptures, positive spiritual messages and instructions on how to meditate and relax. Each Christ-centered meditation is set to soft-angelic music and narrated by me, the author.

Each guided meditation CD includes:

  • Soft and relaxation background music or nature sounds
  • Deep breathing and progressive relaxation exercise
  • A biblical narrative and/or affirmations
  • A period of silence

When we spend time with God by meditating on His Word and abiding in His presence we are literally changed. Christ-centered meditation will help you to cultivate good soil to bear more fruit, live more present centered, maintain peace of mind, create more balance in your life, and enhance your relationship with God.

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