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What Would Be One Book About Your Faith That You Would Recommend To Someone Who Doesn’t Practice the Same Faith?

I would recommend the book Jesus Calling if you’re interested in reading a book about faith. Jesus Calling is a daily devotional that includes inspired messages from God. As you read it, you literally feel as though God is speaking just to you. The messages all center around spending quiet time with God, trusting Him, being separate from worldly endeavors, maturing and growing spiritually, and dwelling in God’s presence.

I have given this devotional to many friends, and I could literally see the transformation. I noticed how they became more Christ conscious as well as spiritually-minded. Many would text me to ask if I read the message for today and how on point it was in their lives.

It’s my all time favorite book and can be appreciated by all faiths. I would not say it is a religious book, but more so letters from God to us, to help keep our attention on what matters most.

You can order this book on Amazon.

Christian Meditation- What Do You Need to Heal?

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