10 Ways to Attract More of What You Want Immediately

Ten Ways to Attract More of What You Want Immediately

 I have had this posted on my wall for years. The author is unknown, but I thought I’d share these wonderful insights and principles with you. If you’d like to print out, please click on pdf version.


  1. Stop assuming there’s no way to find out how to get more business, please your clients or employees, or get someone to go earn you business?”
  2. Stop numbing our body with alcohol, cigarettes, food, shopping, reading, activity, exercise, sex…whatever it is you use. Start feeling what you feel when you feel it. Ask, “What am I feeling now? How can I just feel that feeling and get its message? Once you’ve felt it, move on.
  3. Stop forcing things that aren’t working and appreciate the perfection of the situation. The “stop” you’ve encountered may be halting your forward progress to save you from driving over a cliff up ahead!
  4. Stop blaming the other person for an interpersonal problem and start looking at your role in the conflict. Ask, “How can I use this opportunity to strengthen my communication and compassion?” It’s probably NOT all your fault but that doesn’t mean you can’t solve it and learn from it by looking at yourself.
  5. Listen to your own “inexplicable urges” (the non-destructive ones, at least!)…Like that voice that tells you to look up your old buddy from junior high. Find him or her on the internet. These unconscious urges are serendipity trying to happen.
  6. Embrace your disasters as miracles. You wrecked the car? Maybe you’ll be happier commuting by bus. Fired from your job? Perhaps it’s because you were too scared to quit and pursue your dream!
  7. Tune into the differences between fear and excitement. These two sensations are fraternal twins. If you’ve been letting fear stop you, check again. Are you really just feeling excitement? Either way, you can take action NOW!
  8. Quit playing tough and indulge your own likes and dislikes a little. Your personal tastes are one of the universe’s most powerful messengers to you. They point the way to your greatest prosperity and joy.
  9. Listen to children, animals, and crazy people. Much of the most profound wisdom comes from the most unlikely sources. Pretend to yourself that they are like the universe’s FedEx delivery service, bringing you just the message you need to hear.
  10. Recognize that what you’re attracting right now is the product of your own attitudes and actions. Want something different? Do something different and think differently. Guaranteed, you’ll get different results. Keep your old attitudes and habits, and you’re sure to attract the same old outcomes.

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