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Watch My 4- Part Video Series

E-Series on Christian Meditation: Winning the Battle Over Your Mind
Learn how Christian Meditation can help you win the battle over your mind and create more intimacy with God.



Absolutely perfect!!! I have been meditating for years and now as a new Christian find your site has all the important information plus answers many questions new meditators would have, thank you for doing this important work, God Bless, Curtis

Dear Rhonda,
am very glad i subscribed to Christian meditation. I have been listening over and over again the series you sent to me. it has indeed help me to practice meditation and given me a lot of concentration when studying the word of God. may God richly bless you and may he grant u the grace to send more.- Frank


Hello Rhonda Jones,
I wanted to start out with I thought the video series was very informative !! I liked how the video was put together, I mean it was down home casual and personnel not glamorized like everything else now day's.If you don't mind I would like to tell a little about me, to give you a better understanding of my appreciation of your video series...{ I Will try to make it short} I come from a very rough background in trouble a lot,hot tempered, lots of drugs,that typical bad guy life style..I am 44 years old and GOD found me 6 yrs. ago and brought my wife to me 6 years ago .After I was saved I spent a year doing everything wrong that you could think.THANK GOD for His grace and mercy and THANK GOD for a great wife.She seen something in me that know one else did.My wife was a Christian way before I was... I could go on but I won't bore you...To the point!!! Threw our search away from organized religion I was always questioning my salvation because of the thoughts I was still having { worldly thoughts and anger}. With your series I am learning to meditate my way closer to GOD and Christ and control all those worldly thoughts that drive us all crazy in a long drawn out way THANK GOD and Thank you for making this series. Bless you and Yours,- Jim P.S. my wife is going to watch them next.

Dear Rhonda,I  was very pleased with your video series, I found them very relaxing and spiritual , In my time of need. The daily meditations   and the videos inspired and  lifted me up when I was really worried and low.  Keep up the good work you are doing  I am very pleased with my outcome.  I have asked a couple of my friends to come to share with me your videos, and meditations.
God Bless and Take care.    -Veronica

Dear sister Rhonda,Thank you so much!!! I have really enjoyed your guided meditations on "Eliminating Stress" and "Restless Mind". I have only seen Part 1 of the videos and found it very interesting as well. This is a wonderful resource for people who have suffered abuse or from dysfunctional families. I totally believe and agree with you that in order to be fruitful in our Christian lives, we need to weed out all the bad thought patterns and resulting emotional and behavior patterns from our minds and lives. I am very excited about your ideas, meditation and affirmation recordings and look forward to listening to more of them. I've been telling everyone in my family (wife, siblings, parents) about this and hope to learn enough so that they and others also can benefit from these great resources.- Blessings,Larry

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