Christian Meditation for Weight Loss

Are you seeking Christian weight loss programs to help you with your diet? Want to learn guided meditation for weight loss? Christian Meditation for weight loss can help. Learn the essentials of Christian meditation for weight loss, …Or Any Other Unwanted Habit! Many wonder can meditation really help you lose weight? While most Christian Meditation […]


Five Reasons Why Your Affirmations Don’t Work

 Affirmations are one of the best ways to psychologically prepare yourself for a day of success. Saying an affirmation before a job interview or a big test to remind yourself that you are valuable and intelligent is a scientifically proven way to prepare yourself. However, there are some cases where positive affirmations do not work […]


How to Use Christian Affirmations to Displace Unwanted Thoughts

Christian affirmations are a great way to overcome negative thoughts and renew your mind. If you find yourself battling with the same old bad habits or unhealthy behaviors chances are your mental script needs an overall. If our thoughts control our behavior, then we need to replace unhealthy thoughts with healthy thoughts by focusing on […]


Christian EFT for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Christian EFT Video Explains Background of EFT and How to Use it As a Believer EFT is an acronym on for Emotional Freedom Technique. Occasionally, I am asked if EFT is something that Christians should avoid. I first became familiar with EFT about 10 years ago at a book signing event. At that time I […]